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Cataclysm Beta – Scarlet Monastery

World of Warcraft Info brings you all the latest videos found about WoW. and present the world of warcraft cataclysm beta. This time we take a look at the new changes to scarlet monastery.


  1. joexer1 /

    @mylifeispie Yea but you cant get it now LOLOL

  2. Jurhix /

    To it costs already which is Benny Hill Theme

  3. Jurhix /

    Which is the song that sounds in the minute 07:55 ?

  4. seagk1343 /

    @Numarul5sau27 how dare you insult the best wow voice impersonator in history!!!

  5. Mountaind3ws /


  6. Aaron1046 /

    that hat is still awesome ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. sortedevaras /

    @emilieansay Listen my life is sad enough that I am on youtube watching Wow videos at 1am, if I start looking for infomercial nutchopping stuff I might as well kill myself now.

  8. emilieansay /

    @sortedevaras have you seen his slapchop video? “we’re going to slap America skinny” and “you’re gonna love my nuts”. made me lmfao

  9. sortedevaras /

    @99frojo I would only buy a Sham Wow from Billy Mays, not that fruit.

  10. AddictedtoPaintball1 /

    Stupid shamwow guy

  11. 0xXSharpShooterXx0 /

    @Numarul5sau27 yes he must be right? i mean who the hell reads everything in WoW instead of playing it? right?

  12. tooshy777 /

    Of course that guys is a rogue, so he’s an asshole…OH there it is!

  13. AustriaGameInc /

    your interface is fucking lol

  14. an7r1x /

    Omg u actually didn’t know where the compendium was ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. TheEvilDuckey1 /

    Wow… so diffrent than in Beta with the whole blue quest reward thing ๐Ÿ˜›

  16. zomglolretahoy /

    On the Alliance side, you kill the leaders of the monestary and the guy from the first instance takes it over. They probably wont give Scarlet Monestary to the Forsaken though.

  17. Numarul5sau27 /

    @OMFGcata Oh then,i agree,pretending being idiot is kinda funny…if i think now…lol.

  18. OMFGcata /

    @Numarul5sau27 lmao… that or I’m “putting on” a persona of silliness and stupidity for the sake of video creation and entertainment…
    but whatever ๐Ÿ˜›

  19. Numarul5sau27 /

    You are an idiot Jessie and ignorant,have you ever read the lore in wow?

  20. Huntermattsss /

    Well Jessie there is alot of story for the alliance . Back when the humans had loderan the scarlet were
    Part of it but then they went crazy from the scrrouges taint andnnow believe that all of Azeroth are Scrouge. So the scarlet you were talking to were the survivors of thIs craz. So there is alot of lore for alliance

  21. smasherralph /

    vince is a troll shammy

  22. gedzik1 /

    the compedium of the fallen it’s quite and old quest the only thing that changed is it’s starting npc, u have shown vast amount of noobness not knowing that my friend ๐Ÿ˜€

  23. groovymarlin /

    LOL that hat (Whitemane’s Chapeau) WAS the bee’s knees! Great vid, just catching up with these. You made me LOL.

  24. damienmaster12 /

    ita kicking names and tanking ass jesse

  25. Thepudunkadunk /


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