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Cataclysm – 4.2 PTR Day 1005: Going Deeper …into the zone

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Tweet this- Jesse continues his quest to complete stuff that he’ll just have to do again in a month anyway in the World of Warcraft cataclysm public test realm for the 4.2 patch. Digg- Reddit-


  1. Angel0fDeath67 /

    @MusicSeanDaly Stfu you drink to much haterade

  2. Zeldafreak3 /

    hey jesse,did you ever find out where you get that new hippogryph mount the other guy had?

  3. MusicSeanDaly /

    Jesse yet again your video is stupid and pointless, and as always your a noob.

  4. MrNikkibikki /

    You Died!!! Huhu!!!!

  5. Darklogix /

    Clicky my name for WoW weekly show

  6. wyly /

    i regreat nothing!!!!

  7. SuperErax /

    lmfao word to the highest rated commment…he says “the molten OHHHH SHIT BALLS” molten shit balls….yum..

  8. enlilija /

    Give me back the kilt!


  9. TheDarkgamer0 /

    lol at Orxx’s (goblin) guild name “Onyxia gives epic head”

  10. RIFtrage /

    Someone needs to remix OH SHIT BALLS!!

  11. RIFtrage /

    I re-joined WoW from RIFT. 😀

  12. witschge1234 /


  13. ArbiterX122591 /

    you mean Nemesis

  14. number1fanfolife /

    @SuperErax Yes

  15. TheMadcow114 /

    Press 2 with cc on, basement city ftw

  16. Lulaikki /

    Thumbs Up if u want Jesse Cox do a daily video.

  17. SuperErax /

    do the premades get t12 now?

  18. Decebalus6 /

    @OMFGcata Hey, I was the guy that waved at you, just wanted to show my appreciation for you videos! That might’ve been me on the firehawk too, but I’m not sure. Just wanted to clarify a few things: if you make the Druids of the Talon join you, you will gain a new set of daily quests which involve going through that fire, dropping down into the hole, kill some flamewakers, and then do some more dailies on the floating island seen at 6:55. The “firehawk” is part of a daily when you do those quests

  19. DerIngmarMobber /

    @OMFGcata hey can you do a video when you explain how your macros builded?

  20. playerhood2103 /

    HEY MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ONLY DIED (im the worgen) cause some dam big flamin bird droppped a bomb on me (yes flaming poop) and its a insta kill!!!!

  21. Zelim1010 /

    Lol spam 6

  22. Void219 /

    For the Firelands dailies, do you need to have rep with Guardians of Hyjal to start them?

  23. hala4haters /

    @SuperErax it’s the ptr

  24. AverySmavery /

    The falling rocks part is where some of the new hunter pets are gonna be. gotta be good at jumping.

  25. Slipknotic3 /

    @1307328 That’s not really close enough… sorry but nope.

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