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Arcane Mage Tutorial – Part 1

Arcane Mage Tutorial – Part 1

Finally, the first part of my tutorial is finished.

Please read this carefully: Part 1: Talents & Glyphs (please watch in HQ) This tutorial is meant for those people, – who didn’t actually play a mage character (in PvE) but wanna do so – who are playing frost/fire mages and think about switching to arcane – who are already playing an arcane mage but have problems with mana or dps – who are just interested.

I hope this tutorial will give you some useful information on how to face this talent tree. Part 2 will deal with the appropriate gear for this spec and will draw special attention to the trinkets and procs.

I will also give some examples on the gear compilation (naxx and ulduar content). Part 3 is finally going to present some different rotations based on this spec. I think this will be the most interesting part since I am going to add scenes of bossfights to demonstrate each rotation and its effect. PS: 1. Sorry for my moderate English 2. I would appreciate any comments/subscriptions 3. If you cannot read everything in time, just pause the video *g* 4. Made for WoW version 3.1.1

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  1. g15gaming /

    rapidly press 1 and 2 …

  2. Danilmorss /

    ну чё америкосы? вы все говно ? да да да?yes?

  3. Danilmorss /

    ну чё америкосы? вы все говно ? да да да?yes&

  4. TheChipmunk6553 /

    Is this a really good talent tree or is it just a normal talent tree for some random nub.

  5. ez szar ahogy van ha kirakom a tote of weak-et akkora slow is kell mert az a lényege hogy lassitott elenfélre nagyobb damaget ttol -_-‘

  6. ez szar ahogy van ha kirakom a tote of weak-et akkora slow is kell mert az a lényege hogy lassitott elenfélre nagyobb damaget ttol -_-‘

  7. because arcane mage takes skill
    lvl 80 arcane mage 35k dps with only arcane blast spam (up to 110k / arcane blast)
    thats very hard

  8. abomination39 /

    do u call this tutorial?

  9. olfan92 /

    @lmickpop Im with lmickpop here.. slow increases damage done to the target

  10. greatman63 /

    @01Nork awfull is your head, only 1 mistake at arcane meditation and molten armor

  11. greatman63 /

    using molten armor in pve is a big mistake for arcane, mana saving is more important than greater dps, when you run out of mana wich is sure, you don’t dps at all, take 1 point from arcane meditation and put it on slow, use glyph of mage armor, are you going to cast a frostfire bolt of frostbolt every time it’s slow effect fades? that will waste your time

  12. TankhealTank /

    actuallt sir u r completly outdated with this theres no if ands or buts about it this tutorial is now completly usless

  13. CryS0Hard /

    Can you PLEASE makee a frost mage tutorial PLEASE !!!!

  14. lautaarmy /

    great job dude, really, great stuff, thank you, it will be awesome if u update it tho 😉

  15. 981407036x /

    i kinda loled at the title….

    arcane mages are so ez, it’s mind boggling anybody thinks a tutorial is needed for it…


  17. 123MrPker /

    @MrWtfpwnt Lmfao. -thumbs up-

  18. DaBi8eX /

    you 🙂

  19. MrWtfpwnt /

    if u need a guide to play an arcane mage u should find a different game

  20. MrQerren /

    lol Who the fuck would need a Tutorial for how to dps as a mage

  21. Gate9man /

    hey m8 thnx.. got a question can i lvl as an arcane mage or it sucks very bad at lvling?:)

  22. inika1000 /

    @Fr13dN3wb Well molten armor is nice with the crit but i still go with frost armor or pvp and when doing a dungeon i switch to mage armor don’t use molten that much.

  23. Fr13dN3wb /

    @inika1000 OHH YEAH! + Molten Armor=HOLY SHIT!

  24. Fr13dN3wb /

    @inika1000 OHH YEAH!

  25. inika1000 /

    @Fr13dN3wb Fire meh not really good for lvling i THINK that fire is just for more damage while frost is more defensive and a nice little damage there if you put all 3/3 into shatter 50% crit hit while target frozen baby

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