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Alliance vs. Horde – Cataclysm (A Whole New World) feat. TotalBiscuit

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MP3 Download Here! – Tweet this! Do it for the children! Special Guest TotalBiscuit – Follow TWZ on Twitter! – Episode 7: Cataclysm is finally here! It makes us want to sing! Alliance Vs. Horde – Cataclysm (A Whole New World Of Warcraft) Lyrics TOTAL BISCUIT I can show you a world. Soaking, Burning, Majestic. Tell me lads, now when did you last let your hearts decide. Classic Zones are remade. Two new playable races. Fly through rainstorms, and thunder. On a magic carpet ride. ALLIANCE A Whole new World. A new fantastic game to play. They’ll be no more lame-ass dudes or worthless n00bs. To compromise our raiding. HORDE A whole new world. To dazzling heights I never flew. But when my health is low. You’re my priestly bro. I’m glad I’m in a whole new world with you ALLIANCE Now I’m in a whole new world with you HORDE Unbelievable sights, Indescribable.. ALLIANCE OOO Dragon! HORDE Farming, Crafting, PVPing. Through a cataclysmic realm. BOTH A whole new world… of warcraft HORDE A million billion things to do. BOTH We’ll say goodbye to snow. Cause Northrend blows. Let us share this whole new world. You and me. Inspired by WOW and Alladin Music by Ryan Tellez Sung by Michael Schroeder and Michael Adams Davis The Warp Zone


  1. TheMitchman88 /

    OOOO Dragon

  2. Emeralddreamnotgreen /

    :O TB!

  3. twowheelfrenzy /


  4. venom2294 /


  5. MrBlurtit /

    And Goblins are homeless..? YAY

  6. MrBlurtit /

    Jingle bells Taurens smell, undead burn in hell!!! Orcs have boobs Trolls tend to be noobs (Not tb) and blood elves just look gay… HEY! Sorry I heard this song in a bg and had to post 😛

  7. spenore /

    ive lost my soul

  8. tsjakka7 /

    omg i rofled at 0:37

  9. Dotmyster97 /

    how did you manage to convince him to do this?

  10. lolfuckhax /

    I think my life was complete from 0:35 to 1:07

  11. llgoette77 /

    TB? i luv that. WOnder if he actually sung it too.

  12. llgoette77 /

    TB? i luv that.

  13. babybunnyberry /


  14. Feisu1504 /

    Pfft, Total Biscuit quit. *dies*

    Also, ICC ftw! I miss it sooo much :<

  15. Feisu1504 /

    Pfft, Total Biscuit quit. *dies*

  16. mymrphil /

    i will be haunted forever

  17. MrSerpentface /

    Total Biscuit singing… my life is complete…. although I still need some epic gear…

  18. Arejavs /


  19. suker211 /

    @kiranferrini i know

  20. gagagegegigigogogugu /

    @atmmer and btw, complete…

    look! : /watch?v=rggFlBsqalw

  21. gagagegegigigogogugu /

    @atmmer He sounds good actually!

  22. shiksasuke /

    @atmmer complete

  23. totokomillionare /

    Thumbs up for totalbiscut!!!

  24. RodnyAlDar /

    Did I just listen to a Aladin song, sang by Total Halibut?

  25. kiranferrini /

    @suker211 He can whatever he fucking wants, its his channel.

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