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3.3.5 Shadowmoon-wow Instant 80-PvP!

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How to connect: Register Change all the text in in : set realmlist Wait 2-4 min. Log In And PvP Shadowmoon-WoW 3.3.5a opening the new WoW server non-hamachi custom events horde-alliance mall teleporter friendly gm’s Register now!


  1. thedigitalh0me /

    Connect to mana-wow 3.3.5 server
    ->Working Ruby Sanctum
    -> Working ICC (Lich king works)
    -> No bugs! Connect now!:
    Hamachi name:
    Hamachi pass: 123

  2. ranydays1 /

    Realm List:

    Himachi Id: ranydays wow


    im looking for players and gm message me on himachi when you connect to my server and you can message me on my email ( or you can message me on my youtube account

  3. beatyoueasy /

    Join my server, Bump-Wow!
    We need someone who can script bosses and spells.
    It’s a Custom funserver using ArcEmu.
    We also need 1 more GM to help us with Idéas and so on..

    Network ID: Bump wow
    Password 123

  4. Amadeus951 / hamachi

    Network ID—-WoW-Pretorians


    Pure Blizzlike

    My server will be public with site and all good stuff

    Be the first ON 🙂

    first 10 players i give bonus t10 at lvl 80

  5. MultiSteven85 /

    @951batista Finger Eleven – Paralyzer

  6. 951batista /

    what is music?

  7. JJBreakingGames /

    Wow Private server Join hamachi Username: A-ProxXx Password: 123

  8. magnust1000 /

    u should try check out /watch?v=ZhlIJkHmXNU its a 3.3.5 awesome
    the 10 first get reward so hurry up! hamachi Biff-WoW remember big letters biff123

  9. TheBashu123 /

    Hey, Come and join us at WoW Nexus. We are a new 3.3.5 server and we are bug free, with every talent and spells working. We are currently looking for new Gms/Dev. so you might want to come while you still have the chance :).

    The website is go there to sign up 🙂

  10. /watch?v=10X3Ar-Xi5g

  11. nikolasvda /

    Sweet instant 80 fun server with free S7 T9.5
    T10.5 and S8 can u buy with honor
    we got friendly GM
    100 vendors with all armor
    and alot more

    join at [infernowow.dyndns org]

  12. Sulfur404 /

    ArconWorld – WoW Private Server
    Apocalypto – PvP & PvE Realm.
    All BGs and Arenas working.
    Almost all instances are working (ToC, ICC, Ulduar Working).
    All PvP and PvE items are available.
    99,7% Spells working.
    Custom Backup System.
    Constant PvP & PvE events.
    24×6 Server Uptime.
    50|50 MB Connection.
    16GB RAM brand new host.
    First 300 characters get 55000 Honor and 2500 Arena Points
    SITE: wow(.)arconworld(.)com
    FORUMS: forums(.)arconworld(.)com
    Realmlist: arcon-wow(.)dyndns-server(.)com

  13. Syroser01 /

    if its offline, take this video out !

  14. Jumpy1337 /

    Take away ( )
    Beeeeest private server . Nice gms and nice gears !!!!! Join now . NO lagg

  15. stefan94307 /

    WoWDestruction instant 80 PvP 3.3.5a, Nice staff! so go to m and register today! Server is being worked at several hours per day, if u are an developer (Server or site) We might still need you! ( m ) Pve works fine, instances work fine BG’s work perfectly dedicated Gamemaster’s any questions? check the forums and simply post!

  16. Sadiki1234 /

    • 3.3.5 Patch • 2 Realms Blizzlike & FunServer 12x and 24x • PvP Ranking System • Guild Transfer From Any Server • 1GBps • NO LAG • WORKING INSTANCES • INTENSE PVP • HIGH UPTIME • QUALITY GAMING • SCRIPTED ICC • FRIENDLY STAFF • GREAT SUPPORT • JOIN US NOW

    Network: TiTans-WoW
    Password: 123(removed password but just incase it ask for it)

  17. TheDiiam0ndx3 /

    Der Server ist 100 Mal besser ! Join Us !


  18. specter619 /

    where can i find a server for fun pvp with no damn gm gear crap or any donation gear?

  19. batistakiller1993 /

    * Arcon WoW 3.3.5a (4.0.3 soon)*

    Arcon World got a very stable Core.
    The Server is running on a Server
    Machine. Uptime = 24/6.
    * Server Supports 3.3.3a and 3.3.5.
    * Instant 80 PvP Server.
    * 2 Malls with alot of items.
    * PvP System Includet.
    * ICC Full spawned and scripted.
    * 100% of the Talents are working.
    * 99% of the Spells are working.
    * Battlegrounds and Arena are working.
    * Game Master Spots are open.
    * Server Supports 3 Languages:
    German, Polish, English
    Try it! WoW(.)ArconWorld(.)Com

  20. xPandoraProductions /

    WoWPandora: BRAND NEW SERVER Just started this morning! My computer is alright with up to 3 servers it takes a bit to adjust to it though…. I’m currently only running one server until I get more players, gms, admins. I need every staff position there is even a right hand man/woman if you think your up for it then lets see about it, yes its hamachi and its a good blizzlike server the second realm is a Arena realm, working one at a time to get it done faster! Hamachi: PandoraWow pandora123

  21. Blackpanter795 /

    <-----klick mich Euer Darkside-WoW Team 4 September 2010 geöffnet - Realmlist: set realmlist - Pach: 3.3.5 -mit 10% mehr ep punkte -Alles 10% mehr -Blizz and Fun alles in ein server Planetenklasse: Patch 3.3.5.... +Rate.Drop.Items = 10... +Rate.Drop.Money = 10... +Rate.XP.Kill = 10... +Rate.XP.Quest =10... +Rate.XP.Explore = 10... -Es können sich wieder alle ein login server wieder ONLINE -Blizz and Fun alles in ein server -Offizielle seite Mfg: Euer Darkside-WoW Team

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