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3.0.9 Hakashiz Wow Private Server

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Account Reg Page: Server-Hakashiz PvP -PvP/RP server. -Custom Events. -Some Custom Gear for winning events. -Malls in stormwind And Org -All Bgs Working -Looking for 3 Gms -Free t7 and s5 -All wotlk spells work -All Wotlk items in including enchanting and eng -Free wotlk gems -Hamachi Info -User-Hakashiz -Hakashiz 2 -Hakashiz 3 -Hakashiz 4 -Password for all-123


  1. vaughanmmp /

    awesome video. have any of you people checked out the wow cheats pack from warcraftbotsXinfo (replace X with .) ? it’s astounding, i just downloaded it. it’s got totally every thing inside it, gold guides, bots, hacks, glitches as well as the new arena glitch. i perhaps should not tell people about this but at least it gives you all a reasonable chance to download it before i pwn all of you!

  2. skorpioon112 /

    Positions we have
    Admin 1/2
    CO-Admin 0/1
    Head GM 0/2
    GMS 0/2
    Ingame builder 0/1 very important atm
    make items 0/1

  3. xdarkbleach /

    Patch 3.3.3a PvP server,
    * 20x rates
    * 24/7 uptime
    * no lag
    * Friendly cumminity
    * Vote reward system

    * Hamachi info*
    Network: Frozen Networks2
    Pass: Frozen Networks2
    *If that is full:
    Network: Frozen Networks3
    Pass: Frozen Networks3
    *if those are full replace the 2/3 with another number

  4. xdarkbleach /

    Frozen Networks,
    The best Hamachi private server there is.
    Patch 3.3.3a PvP server,
    Vote reward system, 20x rates,
    24/7 uptime, no lag,
    Friendly cumminity,

    Hamachi info:
    Network: Frozen Networks
    Pass: Frozen Networks
    If that is full:
    Network: Frozen Networks1
    Pass: Frozen Networks1
    It goes on like that.
    (Few GM spots left)
    FrozennetworksXforumotionXcom (X = . )
    Connection guide is on the website.

  5. Darksector795 /

    100% Fun-Server
    es können sich alle wieder einlogen
    Server ONLEIN

  6. xM600x /

    Website? or make me an account !…

  7. jabbyjabber /

    Join my 3.0.9 hamachi Twink Server!
    Gm and Admin spots open!


  8. oscar5100 /

    nice ser ill join when i know how 2 😛

  9. what is the name of all the songs

  10. teagid /

    Swifty? from kintes wow? I’m Spray

  11. AltCtrlPrint /

    Hello there, Me and some friends wants to create a WoW server with Website and so . we dont want Hamachi because we don’t want that only me (Admin) to be able to create account .. We want a website with Realmlist and you visit the website to create Account . But we dont know how to get the server to become like that .. Would be great if someone could help out and tell us how to get it to be like that etc etc .. thanks for my time .

  12. RetardedAnimeDances /

    JackTheWoW needs your help!!

    Starting a WoW private server, and am looking for GMS who ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT THERE DOING!! still need a repack and stuff, so if you can join my network and help, i can promiss you a GM or Admin spot, depending on how much you help :3

    Network : JackTheWoW
    Password : 123

    THANKS 😀

  13. ampredz1 /

    were do i join your server hairyvikings

  14. HairyVikings /

    Hey everyone come and join Despited WoW we are currently on hamchi but hope to soon get off once we get bigger.
    -Brand new we need gms and admins and also regular players.
    -Custom Instances, bosses, items and 2 whole new cities!
    -Hamachi info Name: DespitedWoW
    Pass: 123
    So come join 😀

    /̵͇̿̿/’̿̿ ̿ ̿̿ Talk to Asylis for an account /̵͇̿̿/’̿̿ ̿ ̿̿

  15. MovieRanker /

    New 3.0.9 Hamachi Private Server
    Name: Wowflick
    Pass: 123
    ~ Full Gm Powers
    ~ Very Little Lag
    ~ GM Island Mall
    ~ No Bugs!
    Remember.. Join my Hamachi and
    Set Realmlist:

  16. pontus950 /

    were do i join this server???

  17. owwnagge09 /

    Come join “VanquishWoW”!
    -Support’s 3.1.0 / 3.1.1 / 3.1.2
    -Battleground Server
    -Alliance Mall
    -Horde Mall
    -Start off with t5, work your way up to S5 deadly!
    -Starter mount vendor!
    -Epic mount vendor!
    -Custom raid bosses
    -Looking for Dev’s that no how to use the Data Base (HeidiSQL).
    -Looking for someone that can make a nice website.
    -Looking for 3 GM’s that will be active.
    For right now Hamachi will be needed.
    -User name: VanquishWoW
    -Password: 123
    Come join now!

  18. TheHalo3PWNer /

    u might wanna get TBC

  19. TheDutchWow /

    3.0.9 Up time 24/7
    Looking for more players!!!!
    have Horde and Ally mall
    High Rate

    Come check us out!

  20. nostalu /

    –Wowpain– 3.0.9 Server
    *No Hamhachi
    *No Lag
    *Have Your Own House And Custom It
    *Make Tatto’s
    *Custom Quests,Armor,Weaps,Npcs
    *Have Mall
    *Npc Teleporter
    *New Events With Prices
    *Custom Locations
    *Scripted Instance
    *Nice Admins,Gms
    *EveryThing Works
    *Accpet Tbc,Wotlk

    Register – wowpain(.)game-server(.)cc

  21. Wowpain10 /


    *No Hamahchi
    *No Lag
    *Active Players
    *Events With Prices
    *Have Mall/Level zone
    *Great Staff/gm
    *Custom Quests/Weapons/Items/Vendors
    *Custom Npc Teleporter
    *Everything Works
    *Working DK
    *Accept Tbc/Wotlk

    Register – wowpain(.)game-server(.)cc
    Remove ()

  22. iXhermitXi /

    whats the song called

  23. Logan9privateservers /

    Is it instant 80>

  24. MissyKissyXxX /

    my sexy blood elf girl want u 😛

  25. iownzu247 /

    hey can i still get on it without WOTLK? i got the 1st wow

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