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World of Warcraft Info brings you all the latest videos found about WoW. — Many of the same questions keep getting asked, so we put together a list of answers for new players or players who are unable to get a straight answer! Please respond to this video with any other questions you have, and I will try to answer them all. Top 10 questions! 10. Where do I spend Justice Points? 9. How do I get the Goblin mount? 8. How do I get to Blackrock Caverns? 7. Where do I learn professions past 500? 6. Where is Vortex Pinnacle? 5. Where is the rope and whiskey? 4. Where do I train Azeroth flying? 3. Where is Tol Barad? 2. Where is Stonecore? 1. Where do I quest? Bonus: Where are the Dalaran portals?



    what was the first uldum quest u were doing with the tank?

  2. Maandrixe /

    @stripteaseaap wow lol look at how so many people play wow, and not aion. AION SUCKS

  3. Samuraigoblin /

    there is now a portal 2 stormwind in dalaran and i assume there is 1 to org aswell added it with the last patch

  4. MrBillets /

    @Bajamamut ya u can all raids are there but lvl 60 raids are gone:D

  5. ShaunaSandVid /

    Cataclysm is the most confusing expansion yet. I did my homework looking for some guides. I found a couple winners but my absolute favorite was one that was free

    You all are able to download it over on CataclysmSecrets. info

  6. SunTzuing /

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  7. ThePowerBanana45 /

    how much does azeroth flying cost?

  8. anthonyyochim18 /

    When you got that acheivement you got spammed


    Very helpful

  10. MageMeisterftw /

    what server r u on tgnWorldOfWarcraft?

  11. Dragsterbg /

    i cant give money to play cataclysm in blizzard but i wana play there so can someone tell me if there is a way to play free without the 10day free trail?

  12. animecute1 /

    @stripteaseaap i dont fuckin know whats aion but u can tell by your spelling that you’re a total moron:)big c rock

  13. W33dWacker1 /

    i went to vashjir when i forst went lvling in cata but ive heard so many good things about hyjal, is it worth going back and doing those quests now even though im higher level?

  14. mhubi2968 /

    your videos very bad

  15. Bajamamut /

    It’s been quite a longtime since I last played WoW. I have a question. If I upgrade my WoW instalation to Cataclysm, would I miss the oportunity to do some of the things that were in the previous expansions, like some instances, quests, and such? For example…Will I still be able to defeat Arthas/Illidan/Kaelthas in Cataclysm? Or go through the Dark Portal to Draenor?

    I’ll be glad if anyone can answer that question. Thanks in advance ^_^

  16. ChrisAdogproductions /


  17. Ryunn2 /

    what animal is best for a hunter pet?

  18. MrDarkangel333 /

    @stripteaseaap jijbentsupahgay

  19. DALoneWolves /

    @iiiNtenSity Actually in 4.1 Zul Gurub is back and the bosses drop mounts (yes btw ppl who don’t know they are back too)

  20. Caldari1 /

    This game would be much more epic if it didn’t look so cartoonish..

  21. ventsislav92makaveev /

    Finkle Einhorn is a reference to Ace Ventura !

  22. nikko1511 /

    What is the fastest way to lvl profession?

  23. 100umaster /

    Dude u rock I’ll subscribe …

  24. popitheking /

    can you tell me were to learn new secondary proffesion and how to lv up it

  25. jimmycrax /

    I play WoW for free on public servers click my name
    Google “viewet” to get over 10000 views daily for free!

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