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▶ World of Warcraft – TOP 10 Cataclysm changes! – TGN.TV

World of Warcraft Info brings you all the latest videos found about WoW. — This is a list of the top 10 Cataclysm changes that you need to know about, and that aren’t implemented in the game yet (with a couple exceptions). If you follow the news, or watch our other videos, you are probably familiar with most of these. #10 Heroics #9 Health pools #8 Archaeology #7 … (see the video!)


  1. Broockle /

    damn this is boring… and NERDY!

  2. pacloro /

    @oz1222 you gotta have self control dude

  3. LiVApathy /

    bout time they made wow challenging again

  4. ThomasLang41468 /

    I love Cataclysm, but it was a little confusing! I was looking around for some WoW guides. I found a number of good ones but my absolute favorite was a free one.

    Youcan download it over at CataclysmSecrets. info

  5. junBurglar456 /


  6. 1yankfan1 /

    @JinKsed17 Agreed

  7. billyhound1 /

    not that hard to run heroics with no cc. i did it on my prot pally with only a few epics and with a ilvl 346

  8. FernandoIversen321 /


  9. JinKsed17 /

    @molewizard And all of the other mmorpgs… Have you ever played wow? I’m more into First Person RPGs like Fallout New Vegas, but wow is actually pretty nice for an online game, both the gameplay and storyline are awsome and you get the online bonus of chatting with other people. You also got proffesions and mounts and full-freedom of exploration. It’s stupid to criticise a well made game just because you find it annoying to “click things”…


    I like WoW but i never seem to want to play it

  11. takisg84 /

    Hello guys. I found an incredibly good leveling guide that you could level from 1-85 in only Ten days!!!Check it!

  12. ian699 /

    lol dude … you sounds just like owen wilson

  13. DooMsTv /

    it was helpful to me =D

  14. CjNelly14 /

    @tgnworldofwarcraft what’s your cool down addon???? Thanks

  15. slayar0000 /

    Was i the only one that realized the troll dancing at the end was dancing like a Human male?

  16. DzagielAreq /

    There’s one thing really bothering me… Imagine next expansion… and what? People with half million hit points? When you start with like 50 or 100? That’s the part I can’t stand. Blizzard is increasing HP/MP pool too fast imo…

  17. smackerboy123 /

    @oz1222 i know it seems stupid but you could just use the parental guide thing and put a timer on so you can only play so much just a idea 🙂

  18. markysaoy /

    @oz1222 I used to be a very massive addict to WoW and i decided to take a break and i did i took a break for 2years and sometimes its best to take a break and come back later =] and right now im coming back

  19. poddsnapper /

    I played wrath for a couple of months and then had to quit. thank you for making this now i know what to expect when i join WOW again

  20. MrWadlo /

    @TheGodofSlack The point of having a mix of classes is to have a pool of abilities and even a heroic RDF group should be able to adapt to having low CC capabilities. Poly and Sap are nice, but if I find myself in a group without a rogue or mage, you wont see me leaving.

  21. numaisnumba1 /

    What is the add-on that the Paly tank is using at the beginning? The one that puts a bar above the enemies head, while displaying whether or not you have aggro on a target or not.

  22. Rowsol84 /

    @IamAtree000001 lol

  23. QazJer /

    whats up with the wierd troll model at the end? and the human dance? wtf?

  24. schoolrumble /

    Whats that your using for your holy power (addon)??

  25. MrGotyouto /

    im happy that i have my litle ice spell for dk and 90% less speed spell xD

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