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▶ World of Warcraft: Cataclysm – Gameplay review (first impressions!) – TGN.TV

World of Warcraft Info brings you all the latest videos found about WoW. — Curtis Pyke, aka Big C, takes you on a 15 minute HD first impressions gameplay review of the recently released World of Warcraft Cataclysm.


  1. yomyssebyy2 /

    @foldede k …. anyway i don’t have an Xbox ….. ( it’s hard to get in my coutry ) and …. good luck on your ranking …

  2. foldede /

    @yomyssebyy2 Warhammer online makes more sense to me, but I’m done with MMORPGs, the comment I made was just reference from wc3, I’m now just on mw3 survival pro (ranked 1082 in world on survival mode on my best game solo, and lowest rank is 8873 on survival mode with 2, played all maps) and I hope to get better and be the best some day. just sayin.. rank has probably gone down by now since I’ve been on the xbox for 3 days so if you look for my rank 99% chance my rank went down, but im back 2day

  3. ottonawn /

    what have you recorden with?

  4. yomyssebyy2 /

    @foldede check out shaiya … at least that makes sence ( as much sence as a game can make ) … it’s still quite an old game … it’s been out for 6.5 years …. it’s a MMORPG …. there are only 70 lvls , 6 classes per alliance ( the allinaces ate at war between eachother { there are 2 alliances } ) …. it’s free exept for special ” aeria points ” ….and you get defferent skills for each class …. and i have no ideea of what else to say to you … just tell me if you like it 🙂

  5. simulatorVEVO /

    what is your level?? but you are awesome

  6. foldede /

    @powerofthehorde3 I’ve explained this to people so many times. The fact that it says that they side with the horde, but they show no true alliance with them. The game got lazy and instead they just put Undead with the Horde, I know what I’m talking about, please just read and don’t feel the need to correct me on something that I know exactly what I’m talking about.

  7. powerofthehorde3 /

    @foldede dude, the undead you saw in wc3 mostly were affiliated with the lich king, these undead on the horde’s side are the ones with sylvanas -.-

  8. foldede /

    @Hayashirice911 The most ironic part is the fact that you responded…

  9. Hayashirice911 /

    @foldede Get off my lazy ass? you do realize the irony of calling somebody a lazy ass keyboard warrior THOUGH YOUTUBE COMMENTS right dumbass?

  10. foldede /

    @Hayashirice911 And what are you talking about, there is no playable race, Naga, Skeleton, or Banshees. I’m saying that they really need it to be more realistic. I know why people thumbed up that comment, because they actually understood what I meant unlike you.

  11. foldede /

    @Hayashirice911 But it says they side with the horde, but serve only themselves. Well that’s stupid, the undead really shouldn’t ever side with the living. Also how can you use holy spells on the undead, when in wc3 it was used to hurt them. And classes are just classes in general, they aren’t unique to the race, that is just so stupid and lazy to me. I think they rushed into World of Warcraft, theyu should have put more time into is all I’m saying. Get off your lazy ass keyboard warrior.

  12. simiongronic /

    I don’t know, but when I first saw this chanel I subscribed imediatly]]…

  13. foamea23 /

    this game locks like a old game without any graphic and remembers me about a game from 1995 rpg that;s sucks for a 2011 game.

  14. Vinny016 /

    Can comeone explain me what the hell wow is about ? everyone tells me it is the best game but i never understood it ..

  15. Hayashirice911 /

    @foldede The reason why the undead was against everyone in WC3 was because the undead you are talking about is the scourge…the undead you play in WOW are called the Forsaken (the undead under the leadership of Sylvannas, and not the Lich King). What are you even talking about in the second part? World of Warcraft already has all of those that you have listed. You make absolutely no sense, and I have no idea why so many people gave you thumbs up.

  16. assosfix /

    WoW is free by the time u get it?

  17. foldede /

    @spawn4e11 Then you’re a retard 😀

  18. spawn4e11 /

    @foldede i didnt understand anything u said 😀

  19. markocvileyou /

    kanadian OUT

  20. Asifk88 /

    stop playing this shitty game, its a big waste than time than ANYTHING

  21. EnZoFuzzeh /

    this: Tauren paladin

  22. lenivax /

    just hate that game

  23. lenivax /

    epic laugh at 5:32 :DD

  24. Akionnn /

    lol man great vid 😀 really funny 🙂 , nice salary talent 😛 jk 🙂

  25. EpicGamer1337 /

    Hey guys, anyone interested in getting back into WoW? Or even if you’ve never played the game before you should let me know. Cause we can do an awesome thing called Recruit a Friend. We’ll get Triple XP and shoot through the game to become the best. I’ll show you the ropes if need be, just message me on my youtube account if you wanna do that. Thanks.

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