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¤ Rogue Battleground Leveling: Episode 4 – Defending As A Rogue Should

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Today’s Channel I am spotlighting is…. PCGotGames TOGETHER TO THE TOP!!! ———————————————— In this video I talk about some good ways to defend in WsG as a rogue. I do this a lot in Warsong Gulch and I love to defend and help my team by taking out the EFC. So fun ———————————————— Please follow me on Twitter Check out my vlog as well ————————————————


  1. Restlessprodutions /

    if ur getting atked and ur getting low use disarm if its on cd use gouge cool vid !

  2. 666789443 /

    Rownage! (Rogue ownage)

  3. xVolchenkov /

    Hey Smirv, cool video. I for one am glad you aren’t doing live commentarys. Keep it up!

  4. Voxorol /

    @WoWSmirv we can leave questions in the comments that u can answer 😀

  5. WoWSmirv /

    @XxYoungPlayaxX Sorry, but nope, I started this rogue to pvp only on his way to 85. no quests, no instances, nothing but bg’s to gain xp. However, I have ran a few instances with xp turned off to get gear, but when xp gain is on, I bg only.

  6. XxYoungPlayaxX /

    Heya smirv.. Quick question, I’m quite enjoying this rouge series. ..Would you ever consider leveling him questing/dungeons and whatnot..Then @ 85 pvp and crap?
    I’d think that would be great, throwing it out there man!

  7. Domingo0022IWAY /


  8. TRlCKERY /

    great video man, inspired me to level my rogue up after taking a break from WoW 🙂 Subscribed

  9. TRlCKERY /

    great video man, inspired me to level my rogue up after taking a break from WoW 🙂

  10. Aeloues /

    So it dosen’t matter what you talk about as long as you do some action 9 mins of video, vs 21 mins of video, tell the situation, talk about your strategies or anything in particular

  11. PCGotGames /

    Thanks Smirv 😀

  12. Davydude7 /

    Work on extending that smiiiiirrrrv remember? 5 seconds of smirv would be a good start.

  13. JenkinsLawGuild /


  14. WoWSmirv /

    @Aeloues not easy to come up with things to talk about for 25 min. I could put music to it when I am out of what I wanted to talk about, but not sure how well that will go over as I had done that before and got poor reviews on it. I can not please everyone but I am darn sure trying, lol

  15. Aeloues /

    I don’t mind if you don’t do live commentary, but can you do whole bgs, not just 6-9 min ones? That be great

  16. WowPWner17 /


  17. WowPWner17 /


  18. WowPWner17 /


  19. WowPWner17 /


  20. WowPWner17 /


  21. WowPWner17 /


  22. WowPWner17 /


  23. WowPWner17 /


  24. lonleyinosky /

    haha that’s just hilarious! awesome to see alliance try and fail again and again hahaha. great vid

  25. WowPWner17 /


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