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Wrath of the Lich King Trailer

Brought to you by . This is a trailer for the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, Wrath of the Lich King.


  1. MagesOfDeath /

    Ty my AIM is gisdun9465 incase ya want to try some battlegrounds together!!

    and btw.. actually what kenkarta3294 said in their message was 100 percent true. 😛 The latest Cataclysm intro vid has leaked. I wanna put it on here but You tube removed it so fast.
    This link takes ya to the full story + leaked intro: shortener。org/549314

  2. head2fiststyle12345 /

    @vashis123 the new dance is when you do /dance and you get up and dance.

  3. lljcool7 /

    what is the soundtrack in the beginning???

  4. lljcool7 /

    what is the song in the beginning???

  5. vashis123 /

    i havent actually seen the first mob they fight ( the giant ogre with the axe ) nor have i seen the new dances :S

  6. CalebMartling /

    great vid, but this is the best way to level from 1 to 80 – /watch?v=d1k0tLOrGQE

  7. TeamVillMann /

    WotLK is so fail… kewl story though but tBC owned it. Want to do tBC raids again? Join our guild, which is now open for recruiting!

  8. CarolRumbold /

    great vid, but this is the best way to level from 1 to 80 – /watch?v=d1k0tLOrGQE

  9. TheSteptaker /

    The Paladin isn’t Arthas, the first time Arthas went into Northerend he came with a small army hunting Mal’Ganis, the second time he went to Northerend he was already a Death Knight.

  10. crazzykillah93 /

    Lamest patch ever, all the gear look like shit and there is too much resilience, makes skill count for shit in pvp. 🙁 bring vanilla back in Cataclysm blizz!

  11. CrMoshed /

    i only just realised that the paladin was arthas lol xD

  12. Tomas1242 /

    @mrzack888 unless you’re on the Alliance in which case the Horde will be your boss and rape your shit lol

  13. sylar1989 /

    man wotlk blows, bc is the best expan of the lot!

  14. Vidbuds1227 /

    @TheOBIKIKO to install lich king, you have to wave WoW classic, AND WoW burning crusade

  15. Vidbuds1227 /

    1:30 i was lmao

  16. jert2short /

    great vid, but this is the best way to level from 1 to 80 – /watch?v=d1k0tLOrGQE

  17. hitmanguy345 /

    Still waiting for those new dances blizz!

  18. Gatewaey /

    No shit.@TheOBIKIKO

  19. lljcool7 /

    the opening soundtrack is kinda cool anybody knows the download link?

  20. TheOBIKIKO /

    do u need wow to instal this?

  21. eddi233 /

    WoW Gamecard Generator
    multiupload [dot] com/JKH4X0I3VF

  22. mpsnorris /

    great vid, but this is the best way to level from 1 to 80 – /watch?v=d1k0tLOrGQE

  23. hally95359 /

    @MysterioFan221 he forgot his training when he lvled

  24. MrSoggySocks /

    @mrzack888 umm u said that like a few years late and also, i think u need a life 😀

  25. nasiondevasion /

    Howling fjord ftl, borean tundra ftw, and Icecrown and Stormpeaks are epic!

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