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Wrath Of The Gnoll King

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My submission for the Rise to Power Blizzard’s machinima contest. We loose but I hope you will like it


  1. LolsPops97 /

    Whats this song called?

  2. OhHellNoo /

    i laughed my ass off when the tank who couldnt get aggro went like ”nononononononono” XDD

  3. artema1234 /

    2:07..xDDD noo healr run run healer!!!! xDDD

  4. RAHowarth1990 /

    @Wazupzify It’s one of the soundtracks from “Saw” I think. Hope that helps!

  5. BWBlackwing /

    Guess, Whos, BACK!

  6. TheLukeaboy /

    Lol Jack Jack we have a problem go check on the hamster

  7. Kalten95 /

    “Hey im over here. OVER HERE!!!” LoLz

  8. lund3000 /

    Hogger is GANSTA!

  9. GormathiusFilms /

    hogger, WoW’s version of chuck norris.

  10. Wazupzify /

    Name on song at the begginnig before vid start

  11. TheAranethon /

    …back again, Big H is back, tell a friend.

  12. MasterVertex /

    @TheThing2008 There’s a major problem with Hogger’s plan. Once all players have been forced to stop playing, Blizzard will pull the plug from WoW and he will also ceize to exist.

  13. submmo /


  14. danexus1 /

    this was really awesome =) btw did you get some ideas from dark legacy comics? just out of curiosity =)

  15. Zanator1 /

    Hoe did you lose? O_o

  16. Crazy101Guy /

    Thumbs up if u think hogger onws.

  17. DeathSithe92 /

    haha if this were to happen blizz would just make blacksmithing have the ability to repair items and armor, so we would never have to rely on merchants again haha, just make food and armor and repair it all haha xD LET THE NPC’S COME WE SHALL WAIT FOR THEM!!

  18. MrRokart /

    Goosebumps! 5/5

  19. seafome1 /

    Epic 🙂

  20. iTzxDioxidE /

    Quite possibly the best video ever. :3

  21. Dexok123 /

    i wanna play a gnoll and have hogger as racial leader HE SOULD TAKE OVER THE HORDE!!

    we would finnaly get things done then since alliance dont have the best stinkin NPC in wow.

    p.s FOR HOGGER!!!

  22. MeTheBassist /

    I have had it with these damned PvE players on this damned PvE server!

  23. DepressedSushi90 /

    Best plan ever :3 Hogger for president!

  24. zuser /

    @KabanCraft Other members of the Faction could be Ethereals, Lost ones and Perhaps the Arakkoa 😀
    But ys, deffinetly Hogger as the Unstappable Faction Leader of the Gnolls!

  25. KabanCraft /

    Gnoll and Naga next factions 😛
    IMO Hogger needs to be a boss in a raid like after Deathwing Hogger comes out and kills everyone! 😛

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