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WOTLK Beta: Brothers In Death (Quest)

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Video quest guide for the death knight starting zone in the Wrath of the Lich King Beta – see the complete guide at


  1. liamlovestechno /

    Thanks heaps i couldnt find the stupid guy lol.

  2. lewisbudso /

    thank you SOO MUCH i was looking for AGES!!!

  3. redninja789 /

    @Heav4019 dont worry i did the same thing

  4. coscho2008 /

    @Heav4019 me too lol

  5. Heav4019 /

    wow seedy little door in the dark i even went to look at the back of the castle :S

  6. evilpandas12 /

    oooooooommmmmmmggggg thank u so much

  7. Itsme2944 /

    thumbs up i you sad: oooooh at 2:13

  8. Beanerhater4791 /

    OMG TY

  9. theKopycat /

    Me too it took me like an hour I just ran in circles killing everything and the staircase is like invisible!

  10. AzazelsGrace /

    I’ve been looking for HOURS!!! Thank you sooo much!

  11. DuetBeliebers /

    omg i didnt even see this…thanksss!!

  12. FiinalTagedy /

    ive been looking for hours thx

  13. 3siadrak /

    @HappyC0ck for real dude

  14. HappyC0ck /

    @3siadrak LMAO?

  15. HappyC0ck /

    wow seriusly? i was looking for around 1 hour this piece of shit, omfg and look where it is, i didnt see that fuckign hole… ty for this video

  16. kylekc1997 /

    cant belive i missed that!

  17. sosoasian /

    this is honestly the hardest quest in the game

  18. fuck this stupid quest

  19. imanegytpian /

    Awesome Man ! Thanks.

  20. jointerjigman /

    lol i crit 1200 on lv 29 hunter and your criting 500 hahaha

  21. TheStoPro /

    TY MEN !!!

  22. tenyearmantis /

    thank GOD

  23. scitzsboy /


  24. RocKatalynutz /

    I am there but that minotaur is alive and can’t click him…

  25. coolmeanyrules /

    TY SOOOOOOO MUCH I SEARCHED FOR EVER then when i talk to him i went to comment o n this and i died…

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