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WORLD OF WARCRAFT : by Blizzard Entertainment New official trailer for the new World of Warcraft expansion “Wrath of the Lich King”.


  1. 001limao /

    The professional and skilled gamers will work you every minute tofinish the order.

  2. Azzeron80 /

    @FierceCerilf So what do you call Wintergrasp? Isle of Conquest? Strand of the Ancients?

    As far as I’m concerned, there’s destructible buildings everywhere in those zones.

  3. Selex501 /


  4. Fredredanded /

    @FierceCerilf Actually Wintergrasp is an example of destructible buildings. But blizzard didn’t do as much with it as they might have intended before wotlk came out.

  5. FierceCerilf /

    They lied! No destructible buildings ¬¬

  6. DanielGoesWild /

    frozen-ice net (set point after ice!)

    i started to play today on this frozen ice wow private server. a friendly team and without bugs. 😮

    only follow this link to play with us. (ist ein kostenloser deutscher privat server 😀

    frozen-ice net (set point after ice!)

  7. Gredran /

    this was a pretty good trailer considering the fact they used the game engine

  8. eurylochu261 /

    I have yet to see a destructible building. The doors don’t count. They said buildings..

  9. TheFlyingMantis /


    Kinda shitty you have to buy them in a chain, isnt it?

  10. stevebiddle21 /

    I rather get the catyslm then this one

  11. petrosfiflis /

    dont play this fucking game………

  12. Nahirab /

    I still don’t understand why the mage chose to go melee insted of casting spells at a safe range.

  13. THEJamgun /

    @YahwehBenYahweh The Dances changed partially into a better way.
    Check the human dance for example, the thinger’s no longer look wierd since WotlK’s beginning

  14. SprochDK /

    World of Warcraft: The Wrath of Hogger
    Elwyn Forest infested with Gnolls and Defias and Durotar infested with Kolkar and Alliance.
    New Hero Class: Button Smasher with a face (Just like the DK!)
    New Raid instance: Forest’s Edge
    New Mount(s): Gnome’s, dwarve’s, Humans, ETC
    NEW Class: Troll Owner (Owns all trolls in Trade chat)
    And much much more..

  15. MuzicianulMuzicant /

    @adetdardarder ask enybody 🙂

  16. adetdardarder /

    @MuzicianulMuzicant aliance=pro horde=pro get it in your head its the fucking same

  17. TheZporK /

    where its the new dances FOR GOD SAKE!

  18. MuzicianulMuzicant /

    aliance=noob horde=PRO

  19. TheCommunist100 /

    I still think Arthas will be alive in WC4. Cuse WoW is a different dimension or w/e than WC. Seriously. Go read it up if you dont believe me.

  20. Citylife10 /

    @Nopez20 Why don’t you go spam your WoW killer somewhere else? Just because it has a bigger, nerdier fan base does not mean that the game itself is better than WoW. It’s not even out yet! You can’t compare Star Wars to Warcraft in general. They are two totally different genres! Which games have been called WoW killers? Lets see:

    Guild Wars.
    Age of Conan.

    SO MUCH MORE. None of these games have knocked WoW of the throne. This game may be soon be part of the list.

  21. Deathknightsrule /


  22. TheChekka001 /

    sieht man ja wieviele leute wow spielen ( clicks )

  23. Nopez20 /

    @TheCommunist100 warcraft 4 = AFTER WoW…. not before

  24. Nopez20 /

    @TheCommunist100 Arthas is dead in WoW ….how would he be revived for Warcraft 4? this time it’s actually over…

  25. Nopez20 /

    @Citylife10 actually you should probably be the one to shut up if you can’t get it through to your head that GUESS what a game with a more powerful fan base times oh i’d say about a thousand is what star wars is compared to your precious warcraft, then your’e rather dumb are you not?, so why are you speaking , the other “supposed wow killers” have been named such by naive people without the foresight to see what they are combatting in size and budgets, but star wars doesn’t rival wow it exceeds.

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