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World Of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King – PvP 70 Mage vs 80’s

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World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King WoW Cataclysm PvP Level 70 Frost Mage. Silvermoon Change Video Settings to 720p HD Music: Welcome Everybody. To answer a few questions My main characters include my level 70 Worgen Mage and my Night Elf Druid level 85 (Korgath). Ihave been playing since the start of vanilla and took two years off right after Burning Crusade was released. I use Windows Movies Maker and record with Fraps. My servers include 85 druid on Korgath as well as my 70 Worgen mage. My vanilla characters include a T3 level 60 hunter (Azshara), 60 mage (Demon Soul),and 60 rogue (Mug’thol) . Email me with any questions or concerns. (Label the Message Header Alauran so i do not accidentally delete)


  1. Manbaby99 /

    Your a blood elf, your video is invalid

  2. chatopspwow1 /

    wow HD

  3. KiinqMarvin /

    @Gamingtestteam *facepalm*

  4. EddieStyle1 /

    Nice work dude !!!

  5. Darknessexpert /

    lol, clicker

  6. GamingArmada /

    I’d be mad lolol nice

  7. Waelderer /

    lol wenn man skill hat ist das leicht ;D

  8. screamingenergy /

    That last toon I played was a frost mage. They are pretty sweet.

  9. cmiller1187 /

    this is old. pre cata. boo. kikko is 72 :O

  10. NoLife4561 /

    Owned ^^

  11. KimOnCrack /

    Unbeliveble :O

  12. TheFawmaw /

    btw if u do dont turn it below 1200 by 720 if ur allready using that.. any thing under that is rubbish

  13. TheFawmaw /

    tip for getting more FPS while playing: turn down all the graphics and turn off every other program except for wow and fraps. and if that still does not work try turning down the resolution in wow AND your desktop properties.. its important you change it in the wow settings AND desktop properties or it will have funny proportions when recording…. yeah! nice vid

  14. gamersrey /

    nice very nice

  15. Cathielwow /

    Interesting =) I like it, but you should do something about the lag.

  16. mdm0009 /

    Why are mages so powerfull they’re almost unkillable

  17. Cyberforzeta /

    You show the people how powerful frost mages. very good

  18. Krazon18 /

    @trvislsly14 Playing to win doesn’t necissarily NEED you to blow all your cds. The more you use and the wrong timing of some abilities is what shows how “skilled” you really are. He used blink at times where it was unnecissary and popped several cds in duels he could easily have avoided if he knew what he was doing. Then again, he never claimed to be pro, he’s just having fun making vids.

  19. trvislsly14 /

    @Krazon18 That’s called playing to win. In a 1v1 fight it’s how a mage seems OP, because every kiting CD and all others are used simply to survive. Wheras the rogues you can see aren’t really doing gay combos vs him, so really it’s the rogues who are unskilled.

  20. MrCaptainprice /

    mages make me mad

  21. Krazon18 /

    Needs better opponents,you ‘nor them seem to be very skilled. Sry to say it but it seems like all you do is cd abuse every single cd you got.

  22. TheHoNGaMeR /

    Help my friend make better pvp vids. Give him any tips.


  23. TheUnseen97 /

    @Kaali974 he lags because when hes running fraps along with the game at those settings it slows down the computer

  24. You4ver /

    gear = skill


  25. xiepengxp007 /

    nice vid ,pls make it more clearly

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