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World of Warcraft – Rise of the Lich King – Invincible (+ Lyrics)

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IT’S OVER 9000! My first work with Windows Movie Maker, I hope you will enjoy it! I do not own the copyright. LYRICS: Comilito equinus orbitas lacuna. G’odhun al korokh boda uhm. Boda uhm ron’kashal detrmentum a do soladiatas. An Karanir Thanagor, Mor Ok Angalor. Mor Ok Gorum Palahm Raval.


  1. k0r0ppu /

    @TheSteinmetz342 dude…arthas is just real in much u play?

  2. gottacotcha /

    worst thing blizz ever did was kill off arthas menthil, his father no longer hears the forrest of lorderon wisper the name arthas, he hears kill that bastard deathwing you noobs.

  3. Jolfgard /

    @EskimoBoi1 In fact WC3 is still pretty awesome!

  4. StrangeGuyxDxDxDxDxD /

    this is latin arent it?

  5. masterdrom /

    Why can i not find this on itunes WOTLK original soundrtrack D:

  6. EskimoBoi1 /

    Makes you realise just how awesome Warcraft 3 was for its time.

  7. TooLoLish /

    @TheSteinmetz342 wrong, he has always been and will always be the one true king in ALL OF OUR HEARTS

  8. JosephinneTchortAlla /

    i love wotlk

  9. EveGallente /

    English translation of -An Karanir Thanagor,
    Mor Ok Angalor.
    Mor Ok Gorum
    Palahm Raval.

    Is this:

    Long live the king,
    May he reign…forever.
    May his strength
    fail him never.

  10. ValeStuff /

    If they would have made Arthas as powerful as he really is, no one would be able to beat him in WoW, it would be like the whole server vs him lol.

  11. Boomeroomable /

    @reichstag10 mor okgurum palahm.

  12. redspirit77 /

    “May the bloodied crown stay lost and forgotten.”

  13. OrRoZor2 /

    1:55 uc enter room:)

  14. neljjar /

    perfect timing with the fallen crown

  15. Bigflorent /

    After I have read the book of the life of Arthas I have to say that this song… makes me revive all moments of that book… every time I remember all and have chills… the true beautiful love to and from Jaina, the dream that arthas done about himself, the feelings that this song gives are… incredible… hope, desperation, hope, life, the power of life… haven’t listened anything more marvellous than this song! I feel this song in myself, in my body, and gives me strengh and will to live!

  16. MyHealerka /

    Arthas execution is like to lose a friend.

  17. MyHealerka /

    I love it.forever cries as they watch the movies

  18. xXSaYnEQUIckSCoPEXx /

    RIP arthas! 🙁

  19. reichstag10 /

    listen, after Mor Ok Gorum, they say something, that i cant see in the lyrics. Whats it?

  20. manuchisu /

    but in the end Arthas apologize, I guess the lich king could control his mind after all …

  21. XRememberxMyxNameX /

    @nunistube2 WoWpedia has the lyrics for Invincible

  22. kasai3210 / go to this site and search “O Thanagor” in “Search this wiki”. Lyrics of what we all want to understand =)

  23. kasai3210 /

    I found the lyrics

  24. afropaladin /

    English Translation:
    O King…..
    Long live the king,
    May he reign…forever.
    May his strength
    fail him never.
    First in battle
    last in retreat.
    Even in death…
    Ha! Ma! Da! Ma!
    Raise this dragon now!
    May his strength fail him never
    May his reign last forever
    May his strength
    fail him never
    See his power…
    Darken the sky…
    May his reign last forever
    Long live the king…
    Long live the king!

  25. horten229pilot /

    @TeamIzlude Rising worse than Hitler isn’t that difficult as he gained his power by a fair and democratic election 😛

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