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World of Warcraft Intervention!

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  1. mjaprivate /

    @Lohelemm I guess… if you masturbate with chipwiches… never done it myself, but there’s a weekend before me! lol

  2. Lohelemm /

    @mjaprivate does that make masterbastion right? lol

  3. Lohelemm /

    i need to lvl my hunter more : ( im a lvl 56 troll hunter named Trolljenkins on lightbringer HELP ME!

  4. HunterMage420 /

    Kk my AIM is twikun6773 if you feel like power leveling together…

    by the way what cuya5709 wrote in their comment was true. 😀 Blizz recently announced that the Cataclysm full length introduction movie somehow leaked on quite a few web sites. I wanna put it on here but YT took it down almost immediatly.
    Go here for the complete story and leaked intro..shortener。org/734639

  5. 2142Unknown /

    I just be out of mana LMFAO.

  6. mjaprivate /

    “If lovin’ chipwhiches is wrong, I don’t wanna be right”

  7. Sandorclegane100 /

    Brilliant “parody” 🙂 gief more

  8. hahha oh man this is so funny

  9. torrz01 /

    WoW Gold Creator v4.0 is out … check it here: /watch

  10. SonicKoolLiam1 /


  11. boerenstampot /

    what’s her crit raiting 😛

  12. sarge121212 /

    OMFG WOW intervention no scope montage!!!

  13. “i got a gilfriend” “eww dude, eww”

    best part!

  14. clouearke /

    (SPOILER) when i saw him pick WoW over his GF i was like hell yah thats the way u do it man!!!

    then i saw the other end of the phone call and i was like dammm………

  15. TheEragonx /

    what games do to some people =)))

  16. shwaziesin /


  17. Amandos1977 /

    “Whats her crit rating”

    HAHAH, my favorite… and then the threesome he’s missing out on, OUCH!!

  18. jmnothing /

    What’s her crit rating? LMFAO

  19. MuzictomyEers /

    @siccwon87 lawl

  20. 87lulub /


  21. siccwon87 /

    Holy shattrath this guy is totally me eccept i would never leave wow mmuhhaamuhaaa ill be single for ever but as long as i can get my rogues to lvl 80 thats all i need lol oh shit this vids is to funny i love it oh wait for it ……………..FOR THE HORDE yes yes i did

  22. mewtwomaster100 /

    that was awsome

  23. firestar1515 /


  24. GuideToP2S /


  25. frozenscout2 /

    I love a happy ending (:

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