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Warcraft Lore: Arthas BecomesThe Lich King

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After sucessfully escaping The Scourge in the Plaguelands, two foiled assasination attempts, and defeating Illidan and his Naga, King Arthas finally reaches the Frozen Throne in Northrend. I spite of all the voices in head, he obeys the Lich King’s voice and fulfills his mission by freeing the spirit and armor from its icy prison; only to be posessed by it and thus becoming the new Lich King incarnate until this very day. Arthas, once a noble paladin of Light, plunges further into darkness…


  1. avengedguy /

    @Tani168 hell yes mate….i could only fine a remake from WotlK ,but they are not the same people that sing it.This,the original is much better.

  2. hobobillibob /

    so when is the movie coming out?

  3. noeezyfluff /

    Thumbs up if WarFire10 is on crack and you prefer World of Warcraft over Warcraft 3 .

  4. kleopav /

    arthas looks better in wow sinematic

  5. Tani168 /

    does anyone else really like the music in 2:15 – 3:07 ?

  6. TheCryingshot /

    @XhollandE7X Cool story,brah.

  7. louiscoollol /

    @XhollandE7X Lol you are a very funny dumbass , Kid

  8. TheHaloSpore55 /

    53 motherfuckers with thumbs up their ass…

  9. XhollandE7X /

    @TheCryingshot well i tryed to tell you hehe well it looks like your getting baned from all wow servers for 7weeks lol you broght this onto your self

  10. TheCryingshot /

    @XhollandE7X Kid shut up.You don’t work for Blizzard and your not fooling anyone.

  11. XhollandE7X /

    @TheCryingshot ok i hope you love you Ip baned witch means that wat ever internet company your useing youll have to havee one of them to come down and un ban it but im thinking of haveing a ip blackout witch means that youll have no power wat so ever and then if you have a wow account im baning you from that fo 24 years and yes there is a ban for life and ill pull that if you wish to keep pushng me

  12. TheCryingshot /

    @XhollandE7X We should ride your Mother?


  13. Ravik8 /

    @XhollandE7X No. You didn’t.

  14. FrederikundWilma /

    @XhollandE7X You’re a troll all right… and a quite delusional one at that.

  15. XhollandE7X /

    lich king is justa sole that was traped in a helm and witout the helm theres no lich king so lich king would be just a orc i know its and orc because i wrote the scipt for exstra 45 bucks so suck it

  16. XhollandE7X /

    @RookieYari we are working on a movie but one of the directors quit so we are held up

  17. XhollandE7X /

    kiss my ass i have every right to ban from world of war craft as i wish so go ride your mount you fool

  18. XhollandE7X /

    and if you cant decide thease days them maby i should let you decide if i should ban you

  19. XhollandE7X /

    @FrederikundWilma no dipshit i work for blizzard so ya well im traceing your ip and i can ban you from wow and other sutch if i feel like it so dont tick me off

  20. TheInsaneWombat /

    @DRedWings05 *ah-hem* Yeah but if I switched Arthas with Lich King, it makes you look like a fucking dumbass, because the entity known as the Lich King did not just suddenly appear and be all “hey doodz, u knw wut wuld be fune? if i made zomiez of evrybudy lol /trollface” Also, do you have selective idiocy? I said right there that I hadn’t read wrath lore in forever. I did recently brush up on the condensed version, and I know you are a dumbass. Good day to you, you failure of a troll.

  21. Gnomicable /

    nope. Long live warcraft 3 history. down with wow.

  22. xXObLiVioN1996Xx /


  23. darkwolftheavenger /

    i’ve been playing since warcraft 2 and watching my older bro since 1

  24. RookieYari /

    Blizzard should make a movie … The graphics and the special effects will be awesome

  25. DRedWings05 /

    Go play Warcraft 3. You so wrong. If it were a hundred years or even close to that. All your WoW leaders would be dead ‘cept undead. They all came from Warcraft 3. Your nerd voice needs retuning or you need to shut up.

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