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Warcraft Lore 9: Arthas BecomesThe Lich King

Warcraft Lore 9: Arthas BecomesThe Lich King

After sucessfully escaping The Scourge in the Plaguelands, two foiled assasination attempts, and defeating Illidan and his Naga, King Arthas finally reaches the Frozen Throne in Northrend.

In spite of all the voices in head, he obeys the Lich King’s voice and fulfills his mission by freeing the spirit and armor from its icy prison; only to be posessed by it and thus becoming the new Lich King incarnate until this very day. Arthas, once a noble paladin of Light, plunges further into darkness…


  1. CheatingNoob /

    @Yoshy641 He’s undead spellcaster aka Death Knight, thats means he’s brought back from the dead and dont need to eat or drink.

  2. Yoshy641 /

    if arthas stayed there a lot of years, what he ate???’
    ice? or maybe he order pizza?

  3. Shregy /

    Arthas: The ultimate camper

  4. TheMavi5 /

    lichking is such a noob he is sitting around

  5. RelaxationRobot /


  6. Chem1kill /

    @Darksword66 yeah thats why wow is kinda wierd like that story wise not a lot of actual warcraft fans like wow bcuz of change in story line which i understand haha

  7. MsHamstergurl /

    why Arthas..why?!?!

  8. Zgmflegend /

    @1337Figaro Many people still play WoW, simply because there is nothing that comes close to it… It’s what we call lack of real competition on the mmorpg market. Only Star Wars:The Old Republic gives it a shot…
    When the competition gets serious, you will see a fast decline in subscribers for WoW since many people are fed up with World of Warcraft. And that remark you made… you intended to be sarcastic. But funny enough… it’s true for most people.

  9. Zgmflegend /

    @1337Figaro The warcraft RTS games lack the ”lol @ lore” factor, unlike World of Warcraft… WoW is a joke and everyone knows it. Enjoy —->

  10. 1337Figaro /

    @Zgmflegend WoW and wc3 has 99% the same story, the other % is just some small retconned things…

  11. weeeeee831 /

    @Zgmflegend its how the lich king came about der

  12. ChameleonLost88 /

    @Zgmflegend I’m really not saying which game is better. It’s all good that you like Warcraft and not WoW. My point was that it is the same lore wise. It’s like saying the 21st century didn’t connect to or have anything to do with the 20th century here on Earth. Two different centuries yes, same history. Two different games yes, same history. I’m not trying to “flame” you I’m just telling you what this has to do in connection to WoW. Again, same company same lore linear timeline.

  13. Zgmflegend /

    @ChameleonLost88 Lol, how can a RTS game where you follow and take control of the actual Hero be compared with a silly online version where you with 24 other people tank,heal and dps… pvp. Serious i wouldn’t dare to compare to those two lore/story, genre wise.

  14. Zgmflegend /

    @ChameleonLost88 That’s what you think of it. Unlike most people with some common sense… An warcraft RTS cannot be compared to it’s WoW mmoorpg since it is an completely different gameplay/gamingstyle. World of Warcraft is no-canon compared to the RTS games if you ask me.

  15. ChameleonLost88 /

    @Zgmflegend Really it has everything to do with WoW. Even though Warcraft is an RTS and WoW is an mmorpg, they are still the same game lore wise.

  16. sporeapollo11 /

    @Zgmflegend Sure it’s from Warcraft III, but it helps to set the backstory for the game.

  17. Zgmflegend /

    @panzer843 Wtf has this video to do with World of Warcraft?

  18. jabratubratejao /

    If they make a movie with this story,effects,music… that would be the biggest win in the history of cinema…

  19. eleszar1 /

    check my video I made a model of him and the frostmourne !! i hope you Like it!!

  20. WarFire10 /

    thumbs up if you prefer Warcraft 3 to World of Warcarft.

  21. Shregy /

    My whole childhood flashes through my had at 2:17….
    Warcraft is destroyed… Thanks Blizzard´╗┐

  22. Rovidicus /

    @zoomizoomzoomzam i know, right

  23. eleszar1 /

    it would be more epic when he sits on the trown he pulls his necklase on his hand and looks at jaina’s photo and say.. jaina… I’m sorry.. then the music plays

  24. Hellislose /

    @6SonofEnki6 i havent play wc3… i started playing wow whe Wotlk came out ­čśÇ

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