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The Lich King Tactics Guide – 10 Man Normal (Part 2)

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There are 2 Parts to this Video. If you haven’t watched Part 1 yet, watch that first before this video! Part 1: All questions about my addons, Music and software used, watch the end credits on Part 2. I hope you find this very useful. For all questions you can either comment below or go onto my youtube Channel. Website:


  1. bwd1337 /

    The disslikers were lk sindragosa and festergut??? XD

  2. Mmmcakkee /

    Thank you! This is the only video that I could actually understand!

  3. fighter795 /

    what addons u use to get ure bars and stuff set up like that

  4. Mr1996Madness /

    *of to ICC with the guild*

  5. tittyaddicted /

    What was the addon that changed the layout. (your hp and whoever you clicked on)

  6. Demonamic777 /

    I was I had an addon that played this sexy song evertime I got to an epic bossfight.

  7. theoboi99 /

    dude u have to link me those addons , i got SexyCooldown , would love if u sended me the rest , awesome vid 🙂 helped me alot!

  8. tetrashiek /

    the floating tree of life was awesome! 😀

  9. stefanakis131997 /

    if u use ressuructuon what is it doing he kills u again?

  10. gayzombiekiller /

    sweet, thx it was very useful

  11. Rickey985 /

    perfect song choice near the end.

  12. sawwheeler /

    can a death knight kill the lich king?

  13. sawwheeler /

    @NightMareOnHorde screw the alliance

  14. NightMareOnHorde /

    THNX MATE really helpful killed lichking :):) …! FOR THE ALLIANCE ….!

  15. Hingomadszz /

    Thx for the vidio it was very helpfull 🙂

  16. ivoivo97 /

    ty for videos and what u use for addons?

  17. Bladepoison /

    cheers for the guide will help me with guild runs btw very good with the dramatic music right at the end

  18. headmythhunter /

    how long does it take to raid LK 10 man from beginnin

  19. kovii1988 /

    Good job m8, very usefull, thanks 🙂

  20. AmyxZimxDib /

    I don’t play WoW ( my friend does it:) ) and this is cool

  21. Antarayan /

    very good guide thanks

  22. rogeedodge /

    great UI

  23. Infernoxv8 /

    @Infernoxv8 I don’t have the buff on this video so it must of been 0% at the time

  24. Dissent1 /

    This video was not only helpful, but also well-made.

  25. Guit4rH3roPr0 /

    This guide was very useful, i hope i can get down the Lich King now : ) Thank you Infernoxv8!

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