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Storm Peaks: Opening the Back Door (Quest)

World of Warcraft Info brings you all the latest videos found about WoW. Complete quest videos for the Storm Peaks zone in the World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King. See the website for the full zone guide.


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  2. Aminovitch92i /

    thx dude 🙂

  3. isaac1man /

    Thanks wtbblue

  4. xiMatuuuz /

    @darkmaster071 fail nub

  5. darkmaster071 /

    i got fucking lost in that cave ……. thanks for this

  6. toosexy4utub /

    I thought it was in the cave! thank you so much (and happy new year ^^)

  7. noc0mmen7 /


  8. xBenjaxGuitar /

    i dont get it?? how did you make all the monsters run away?
    when i try to do this quest they just stand there and then kill me…?

  9. TempleOfTofu /

    @IMMWOODMAN You’re talking about WoW price, right? Actually, way less than that. It’s $180 dollars a year if you pay $15 a month… which is nothing, really. One large pizza a month. 😛

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    @Xraviz OMG get a life u no life homo nooble ally

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    @monno1994 That’s even worse.

  12. monno1994 /

    @Xraviz Actually i am a 16 year old undead warlock nub


    this cost 110$ each half year right?

  14. Xraviz /

    @monno1994 Stated from a 14 year old orc warrior.

  15. Shasow2 /

    lol I thought the power cell thing was the white thing floating around near there…thanks

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  18. monno1994 /


  19. 9alo7evagerrard /

    zomg i have been 2 hour in the nearby cave SEARCHING FOR then it was outside -.- — thx Very much xD

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    thxxxxxx 🙂

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    thank you

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    This helped, a WHOLE lot.

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    oh dude thanks very much

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