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Paragon VS Lich King 25 Hardmode part 1 of 3

World of Warcraft Info brings you all the latest videos found about WoW. The world’s first Lich King 25 Hardmode by Paragon 26.3.2010. 3 Povs – Combat Rogue – Restoration Shaman – Holy Priest #Paragon at Quakenet -Tracklist – Audiomachine – Akkadian Empire (No Choir) Steve Jablonsky – The All Spark Steve Jablonsky – Scoponok Full quality torrent DL:


  1. axelandro93 /

    We’ll grant you a swift death, Arthas. 20mins later.

  2. vickern93 /

    I miss that cold feeling of walking around in the dark castle of Lich King in lvl 80.. When I was there on lvl 85 it was TOO easy, so it was not fun..

  3. noscoperbboyy /

    Watched Transformers 1… the music made me come and listen to this 😀

  4. CyberGlurak1 /

    they have no life

  5. ProgJimmy /

    liquified brains ftw…. getting paid for losing your life yeahhh!

  6. dannygmzz /

    LOL so the upper spire is literally the Upper part of ICC’s spire! I never would’ve guessed!

  7. dannygmzz /

    @kriskuala2010 Heck, I miss anything that isn’t Cataclysm right now. 😛

  8. Yroxcruk666 /


  9. TheNairOG /

    Best pump up line: ” Your heart… its incessant drumming disgusts me. I will silence it, as I did my own.”
    Part of me died with Arthas.

  10. mini3050 /

    @kriskuala2010 I miss ” WOTLK “

  11. TheBalfrog /

    @RyanEX2000 To be fair, Vanilla and TBC were good imo, Wrath was just ezimode so much so i quit after doing ToC HC until around the end of ICC when i walked in in ToC gear doing hardmodes up to LK, Cata was good until nerfs, still got achievement on my main Balfrog, too hot to handle from Karsh pre the hotfix as he was too hard. If you look at everyone who complained about cata being too hard, had been playing since wrath. Which was annoying imo. My opinion though, but yeah everyone complains

  12. TheBalfrog /

    @bloodpuremager Did you never do AQ40, or even Naxx 40 ? Or raggy 40 ? Im gonna guess not as those were so intense as appose to just gear farming then having a few mechanics ? Even raggy hc is more interesting mechanicly then this

  13. bloodpuremager /

    @iTzTooBad almost every kill video out there has the music in the description.

  14. bloodpuremager /

    Lich king was the best boss fight ever, been then death octopus on the 4.3 PTR

  15. xTheLichKingxx /

    I miss Arthas AKA The lich king ;”(

  16. Speshultactiks /

    @SuomiSoturi345 Funny thing my finger smells dog

  17. RyanEX2000 /

    TBC hits = people whine bout how great Vanilla was.
    Wrath hits = people whine bout how easy it is and how much they miss TBC.
    Cata hits = people whine bout difficult it is and how they miss pugging in Wrath.
    Pandaria hits = people whine about Cata being great and they hate pandas.

  18. messi996 /

    miss this boss not icc tbh, but god i miss ulduar so pissed i was just started raiding then and my guild full of new players had just started to get are play together.

  19. BassiveBoy /

    @iTzTooBad Audiomachine – Akkadian Empire (No Choir)

  20. Tyberro /

    This should be the official soundtrack on ICC raid. Wonderfull.

  21. iTzTooBad /


  22. GoodVib3z /

    Cant wait for there deathwing vid =D

  23. Without Steve jablonsky this video wouldnt be as epic

  24. @FooFighter4774
    Google the saying
    Grass is always greener on the otherside

  25. FooFighter4774 /

    funny how ppl were saying we miss tbc in wotlk – now in cata they miss wotlk – why play this game if you’re perpetually dissatisfied?

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