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Might vs The Lich King 10man Normal (Part 2)

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The Lich King 10man Normal Part 2 Part 1: For all UI information please head to Press “more info” for Tracklist used: Orbital – Halcyon Inside of You (Cosmic Gate Remix) – Faboi XB & Ronnie Play (feat. Gabriel Cage) Rowald Steyn – Revolution


  1. CrashBandic00t96 /

    ” Hy,guys,the lich king is levitating helplessly in the air, let’s screw with him!”

  2. kachingvv /

    I like how the beat started just as tirion shattered frostmourne :>

  3. monsterr12741 /

    what mod is that

  4. Slicc7 /

    Light, grant me one final blessing. Give me the strength to shatter these bonds!

  5. TheDiadara /

    awsome and epic i nearly started cryin Arthas is best charter in world of warcraft ARTHAS FTW WE WILL NEVER FORGET YA !

  6. BMitchell2903 /

    LF inv back to wow if you want reward send me message thanks!

  7. kwameampadu /

    lol at 6:00 his dad is like get the hell off of mee

  8. devils00x /

    i just dowend him two days ago, Im its so intence, my Vent was alot more crazy though lawl =P it was amazing as hell, when he hits that 10% mark, your heart goes into extra 50000 beats per second Lawl, its so cool, i hope everyone gets to exp the kill of the Lich King befor Cata 🙂 Good Luck to everyone!

  9. Grubles /

    awesome vid. Good Job on the vid and downing him 🙂 Loved the vent during the last bit, nice calm RL…AWESOME!!!!!!! GZ!!!!

  10. Oibito /

    Lol at 4:36 iwith the techno its like he’s raving =D

  11. Harrierish /

    The music makes the video extra epic.

  12. jonta7 /

    @supreamrecon Old but good xD

  13. glove0000101666 /

    might disbanded 🙁 shucks

  14. laxman6565 /

    Can you imagine the loot? :D:D:D

  15. supreamrecon /

    Arthas: Father, is it over!?
    Father: No my son, the raids reset next wednesday
    Arthas: O for fuck sake

  16. LampPlaceThing /

    Music… again seriously?

  17. Paradox506 /

    “My fucking weapon is broken, I can’t even do any damage.”

    Great. Just great.

  18. dustinthealmighty /

    omfg ive never downed Lk but this is soooo FUCKING awesome

  19. Safferfrede /

    i didn’t know that u get into frostmourne’s hold in normal version?

  20. QBisbest /

    Arthas: “Father, is it over?”
    Father: “for hundreds of players, my son.”

  21. SneakyBuggar /

    Arthas: Father… is it over?
    Father: Yes son, blizzard needs to make room for Cataclysm
    Arthas: I see only forum trolls in the future.

  22. tundra1995 /

    Is it video editing, or a certain setting that allows you to hear ONLY the game VOICES? I’ve been trying to figure out a way to do that for ages.

  23. KallenFans1 /

    Arthas: Father, is it over?
    Father: no, raid restart next week.
    Arthas:I see only pugs before me.

  24. TheFearlessbro /

    Tirion: Who could bare such a burden? It must be mine!

    At this point if he put on the helm and became the Lich King would of been awesome. And like Ashbringer morphs into a Corrupted Ashbringer.

  25. Hutchingsj12 /

    Arthas: Father, is it over!?
    Father: No my son its time for return of the Lich King
    Arthas: O Come on

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