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LWC – Arthas Menethil – Part 4: The Rise and Fall of the Lich King

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The fourth and final installment of the Arthas Menethil video series. Ruling as the dominant personality of the Lich King for years afterwards, Arthas was defeated in combat by adventurers of the Alliance and the Horde. Cradled by the spirit of his father, King Terenas, Arthas Menethil died, leaving the mantle of the Lich King to be taken by a noble soul who would contain the power of the Scourge. (See the Bolvar Fordragon LWC) – LWC: Bolvar Fordragon link: [LINKS] PART 1: PART 2: PART 3: [CREDITS] Created by: Chadstein Productions Website: Story by Blizzard Entertainment Website: Website [MUSIC] Untitled Orchestral by Tomppaah Website: Edge of Faith by Nemesistheory Website Battlecry Mosiac (Invincible) by Blizzard Entertainment Website Desert Montage by Brokendeck Website: Cinematics used Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne (Ending) Wrath of the Lich King Fall of the Lich King + (Ending) Information source from WoWwiki Website:


  1. NeoTodesklingel /

    Nonsense and Wishthinking…
    Arthas did NEVER beat or “kill” Nerzul, for he sounded so very otherwise when he lost his Crown at his Fall.
    ” Father… … it is… over? ”
    This isn’t someone a real Lichking would have said. It would much MUCH more likely said from one of his Victims.
    So – no! Arthas wasn’t the ultra Bad Guy. Sooo Sorry…
    … NOT ; )

  2. Sn000kerAble /

    I hate the fact that Arthas was beatable.. in my eyes he was, as Lich King the most powerfull beeing that world has ever seen, since his power grow and grow. Well he wasn’t as strong as a titan, but Kil’Jaeden and Deathwing (ha) were at least beatable… well in my little fantasy world full of Chocolate rivers and candy mountains =_=

  3. Chiefsplayr17 /

    hopefully the death of deathwing will be as badass as this was. hopefully more badass. because I’ve been dissapointed with cata so far. you almost NEVER see deathwing in the quests. you only see his minions. in WotLK, arthas always came out and gave his words of wisdom.

  4. KaIanari /

    This was the greastest story of a character ever. When arthas died i just wanted to go back to warcraft 3 and play as him as a good guy again. hopefully he got to join his father and other ppl in death. he wasent a villian he was a fallen hero

  5. mitchdogwowmaster /

    I hope they bring Arthas back btw loves all the vids

  6. TheDemonJester /

    @ChadsteinProductions Just to further add to this but Ner’zhul can’t corrupt Shadowmourne since he actually never had anything to do with the Axe. It is in fact made from Arthas’ discarded mace Light’s Vengence. Shadowmourne is the result of both Sacred and Corrupt powers placed together in the same weapon.
    What effects if any will it have on the wielder are not known.
    All facts I’m well aware you know but I just wanted to add to the answer.

  7. TheLangfeldt /

    nerzhuls presence wasnt killed.. it is said that arthas is merely a present within the lich kings mind.

  8. Paladinofthejustice /

    @TheTinyLittleGnome Yeah, but you know that Blizzard sometimes take back their words, for example: Before the Draenei race came to WoW: TBC the Eredar (aka Corrupted Draenei) where the ones who corrupted Sargeras which now it’s impossible because the lore is that Corrupted Sargeras gave the Eredar an offer that they couldn’t refuse and those who didn’t accept it are the Draenei.

  9. TheTinyLittleGnome /

    @Paladinofthejustice Blizz stated Ner’zhul is dead.

  10. NerdRage123 /

    @Paladinofthejustice Ner’zhul corrupted shadowmounre might not be true if so blizzard might as well have let players obtain frostmourne then it would basiclly be the same thing but who knows

  11. aragorn02100 /

    what’s the name of the song at 2:30 please?

  12. z3roo0 /

    @Bynashas sindragosa, if u look back at his videos you will see when he creates saphiroth

  13. WoWGirl999 /

    Aw.. How could blizzard end his story so.. bad? :'(

  14. wowbuilder1 /

    this story is so sad and good /cry

  15. freeman801 /

    @Paladinofthejustice No you got it a bit wrong. Shadowmourne is made out of Lights Vengence. and it was made by Mograine (i think). He warned that it will affect him making him hunger for more power. but its not going to be the owner of shadowmourne who going to treat azeroth once again. But Lich king is able to talk to you trough shadowmourne maybe seeking to claim it. But now that Bolvar is LK noone knows what will happen next with Scourge.
    I really Hope Arthas will be in Cataclysm as ghost

  16. Cotaqownsu /

    @Bynashas @slipsen92 Your both correct, but also wrong.
    In the video, he is resurrecting Sindragosa as a Frost Wyrm to serve him, but in warcraft 3 during his journey to Azjol’Nerub he encounters, kills, and resurrects Sapphiron. Sapphiron is the Frost Wyrm in Naxxramas and Sindragosa is the Frost Wyrm in Icecrown Citadel.

  17. ChadsteinProductions /

    @goldenrod666 Arthas, My Son is infact the name of the song in the WotLK trailer.
    But what you’re describing seems to be the ending cinematic sequence after you defeat the Lich King. It is also called Fall of the Lich King not to be mistaken for the patch trailer but the ending.

  18. goldenrod666 /

    im looking for this video i was told about. he said it was called arthas my son, but all i found was music. its when arthas’ dad comes and tells him hes gonna die soon and thats its almost over and stuff. can u message me if u guys know what its really called?

  19. slipsen92 /

    @Bynashas no it was sindragosa.. the former consort of Malygos the spellweaver.

    tho as sapphiron, Sindragosa was (when alive) a blue dragon.. from the blue dragonflight… but then twisted and turned into a wyrm by the Lich King

  20. Bynashas /

    uuuumm wasnt it saphiroth the one he awakened?

  21. 117BloodKing /


  22. Alijamaru /

    great vid chad keep it up

  23. 2moonsfun /

    1000/5|thumbs up Great job

  24. Wrestlemaniac /

    @Paladinofthejustice Actually Shadowmourne isn’t possessed at all. However, the axe works just like Frostmourne. But it only absorbs the undead energy of the scourge like how Frostmourne absorbs souls. I read through the entire lore behind Shadowmourne. But yeah once you start Icecrown Citadel Arthas is able to talk to you through it just as how Ner’zhul talked to Arthas through Frostmourne. He’s able to tap into the axe and try to possess it I think.

  25. LOLofLOLPL /

    The lich king is my favorite dark character in WOW ! WHY IS KILLED WHY ?! Lich king have the best voices and is very cool. ;( Chadstein, you planing lore of Quel’Delar or Lana’Thel ? This is the best. 🙂

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