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Lost Society vs The Lich King (25 man) Shattered Halls eu

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We are currently recuiting new DPS, if you are interested please visit us on We are on 11 ICC10Hc and 4/12ICC25HC. This our guild first kill of 25 man Lich king. Also 10 mans Marrowgar Heroic Lord Marrowgar Lady Deathwhisper Lady Deathwhisper Gunship Battle Heroic Gunship Battle Deathbringer Saurfang Rotface Festergut Professor Putricide Blood Prince Council Blood-Queen Lana’thel Valithria Dreamwalker Sindragosa Lich King and 25 mans Lord Marrowgar Lady Deathwhisper Gunship Deathbringer Saurfang RotFace Festergut Professor Putricide Blood Prince Council Valithria Dreamwalker Sindragosa


  1. clarkkathleenfocq /

    awesome clip. have some of you fellas looked at the wow cheats pack from warcraftbotsXinfo (replace X with .) ? it is amazing, i recently down loaded it. its got totally every thing in it, gold guides, bots, hacks, glitches and even the newest arena glitch. i probably should not tell people about it but at the very least it gives you all a fair chance to obtain it before i pwn all of you

  2. sm0kingJay /

    @CanthusOfCandE Thanks for the reply. It is nice to see an EU guild on the wowiki page for boss tactics. Keep up the good work.

  3. CanthusOfCandE /

    @CanthusOfCandE the icons appear at which point dps and slow the correct icon as normal. As you should of been stacked as close to each other as possible and slightly off center the Val’kyr should fly off in very close to the same direction and therefore not much of a dps loss. Remember to swap onto the other Val’kyr if your Val’kyr dies before going onto the LK.

  4. CanthusOfCandE /

    @sm0kingJay we assign each of the val’kyr their own dps group, so group 1 dps triangle, group 2 dps circle and group 3 dps diamond. each group should be about 5 dps with 1 person assigned to slow and another as backup. The backup should only slow if for whatever reason the assigned person can’t. Slowing has diminishing returns so its best to have those with the longest stuns go first (think this is pallie if i remember correctly).
    The icons shouldn’t be slow but if they are dps closest until …

  5. sm0kingJay /

    Can I ask what setup you have for slowing Valks? Do you have assigned DPS per valk color (triangle etc) with their own stuns/slows – or is it a raidwide assignment of 3-4 people who slow/stun from start – and raid dps’s whats close.

    Furthermore, if you do assign people/groups for a raid icon what do you do if icons are delayed in showing up – which can be the case some times.

    Thanks for the video, and gj.

  6. dotmariusz /

    @kewie727 I do it just to keep the absorb up and drop FoL HoT before every big moving part, like transitions or Defiles, when you’re down to Holy Shocks and slower Holy Lights.

  7. kewie727 /

    is it actually that important to keep sacred shield up? cause its like every 30seconds with my curent specc and is pisses me off alot!

  8. danrawks /

    Oh ok. Thanks a lot for your time. 😀

  9. CanthusOfCandE /

    @danrawks Its part of x-perl, if it is glowing red then someone has aggro, if there is a shimmering effect then i have just healed them, a purple bar means they currently have a shield with a rough indication of how much damage has been taken, the thing that is darting around is my PoM and i don’t think its shown but the golden (think its gold, can’t remember) line is the length of time my renew is up.

  10. danrawks /

    Ah. I see. Thanks for the feedback mate. And one last question, I see that sometimes
    your raid’s frames suddenly glow with some dots. Could you tell me what that indicates?

  11. CanthusOfCandE /

    @danrawks it uses an addon called clique where you click on the persons raid frame you want to heal and it will heal that person without actually targeting them. For example for me Left click is Flash heal, right click greater heal, middle button is renew etc…it supports a 5 button mouse and also includes duel button so you can have ctrl + left click to create a wide selection of spells with just clicking…can also be used for offensive spells on the enemys frame as well.

  12. danrawks /

    Thanks man. And by the way do you click on the frames or do you just hover on them to heal? Frames of your raid i mean.

  13. ParkerGrayv /

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  14. CanthusOfCandE /

    @danrawks i use x-perl.

  15. danrawks /

    What addons do you use for the unit frames? Would appreciate it if you could tell me. 🙂

  16. CanthusOfCandE /

    i knew what Dotmariusz meant and have updated it accordingly.

  17. gartenfalnex /

    Infest is not the disease you put on horrors in p1, that would be necrotic plague. Infest is a skill used by the lich king that only disappears when the target gets above 90% hp.

  18. dotmariusz /

    Guide from a Holy Paladin view:
    1) Beacon and shield current MT
    2) Pre-HoT tanks with FoL HoT as much as possible
    3) Don’t let shields and JotP fall off. Ever.
    4) Mash your Holy Light button A LOT.
    5) ???
    6) Profit!

  19. CanthusOfCandE /

    Its been updated, i was writing this after ToGC expecting to be able to finish it (check spelling, spell names etc) after i finished ToGC and never got a chance due to doing ICC 10 instead.

  20. crissio0079 /

    im fan of your guide

  21. NizzeNys /

    first! 😛

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