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Imperative vs Lich King (25 Heroic) [Part 1]

World of Warcraft Info brings you all the latest videos found about WoW. – Imperative’s first 25man Heroic Lich King Kill – US #55, Realm First – July 1st, 2010 – Multi-PoV with Blacksen (warlock) and Deathrix (mage)


  1. TheNoiadex /

    Nice !!

  2. WiteGear67 /

    what happend with the plaguelands after you kill him

  3. kaible1 /

    I wish i would be able to join Imperative >< if you guys need a Mage hit me up 🙂

  4. sporbie /

    What’s the song in the beggining of the lich king battle?

  5. POkegreis /

    goooood…I wish I’d had a guild like this back then…I really wished having the title killing him on 25 hc…But thats over…^^ and now i’m in a “bad guild” again…Amazing ts btw! kinda dramatic but really calm!

  6. xmatkoo /

    gr8 job!!!!

  7. Flitzz03 /


    Tiesto – Adiago for Strings

  8. pojoshizz124 /

    mikscrollingbattle text? i think, maybe.

  9. sebiesf /

    need to noue the song at 3:40 love it

  10. slashbitte9926 /


  11. mglurak /

    You make it look so easy 😉

  12. geleto1234 /

    the addon is MIKscrolling Battle text

  13. PaCiOxxD /

    What is this addon what shows dmg on the screen ? 🙂

  14. peytos1 /

    I want to know the Affliction warlocks UI please respond.
    Oh and btw Grats on your kill!

  15. LeKerri /

    The Barber’s Adagio remix around 4:30 is a ridiculously cool song. Nice kill, congratulations.

  16. chubster1239 /

    Hello mate, very nice video.. were still struggling on it, been about 3 months now lol..
    Anyway, have you got a name or a link to your UI ?
    apprishiate it if you get back mate, again Gz.

  17. emameme /

    How have u doing the initial effect for showing your guild’s name?? Wich programmes do u use? thx

  18. Andrmax89 /

    Name of the song at 1:10?

  19. itummy18 /

    Almost exact intro as Vodka…but congrats on the kill.

  20. providingjordan12 /

    Is there a way to get warlocks UI?

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