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Icecrown: The Last Line of Defense (Quest)

World of Warcraft Info brings you all the latest videos found about WoW. videos for the Icecrown zone in the World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King. See the website for the full zone guide.


  1. TheBlackeyegalaxy /

    there is a problem, i cant fly in northrend and i cant reach the cannon :/

  2. Balkons13 /

    ahh i remember this q i got stuck in that cannon for few mins… D: then it dropped me out of map and somehow after a loading i was back in Dalaran 😀

  3. Coole986 /

    Thanks for ya vids, all ya vids.

  4. swordcraftergm /

    @supereuropaa opps sry but still the expansion did make everyone feel like they desevered epic for doing nothing bt that just me

  5. supereuropaa /

    @swordcraftergm hmmm i posted that when wotlk was on beta 🙂

  6. swordcraftergm /

    @supereuropaa no all it did was make everyone feel liek they deserve epics for doing nothing

  7. Rogueixpresents /

    @cool15ize kid i got epicz now!

  8. cool15ize /

    @Rogueixpresents i know buy first a flying mount and go to the cannon poor kid-_-

  9. Coolguywithsunglasse /

    i thought you had to kill them by yourself, not a fucking uber shooting thing.

  10. zmillang /

    @Rogueixpresents Farm 1k gold for Winter flying…..Maybe

  11. ShiNeLikeAsUperStar /

    when i get on these guns they just break and i have to complete the quest the hard way

  12. Rogueixpresents /

    i dont have any flyin mounts.. how i can get up on these cannons?

  13. taurino1995 /

    have you folks seen the brand new rogue hack which will let you cheat at arena? it is incredible, my rogue is now in maximum arena pvp equipment 2200 rating! i don’t actually want to talk about this but what the heck.. you can aquire it on wowcheatsYnet (replace Y with . ) but do not tell too many people!

  14. JimmyPattersonn /

    Hello, thanks for the video! also found this site where you can get free game cards @ freewowgametime . com . Thanks Cathryn Tupick

  15. sillygrl23 /


    Oh my god I have to try that sometime!

    Seriously, I feel like the only one in my guild without a Northrend flying mount.

  16. saudi0000 /

    idont haev a mount how can i go up?

  17. theogge /

    yupp ofc it is

  18. Sebatiger /

    Thx so much man

  19. cincysoccer37 /

    omg ty so much lol

  20. ronaldo2l2 /

    wow is the best game ever

  21. lbluesey /

    wish i could use that to kill players in bgs

  22. zxMaNPaNdAxz /

    If @ 77 you don’t have a flying mount or flying mount training goto the fp master in Storm peaks @ K3 and talked to one of the guys near him his title is “Used Flying Mounts” or something, he gives you a permanemt loaned mount for free, no training needed and other people can mount it while you ride =)

  23. wyle105 /

    oh I forgot to ask on ur website in the decription of vid will u make icecrown part 2? if so thanks so much

  24. wyle105 /

    you can (lucky) you need to die really close to one of the towers then when are dead ur spirt is on a flying mount res on the tower and bam!

  25. wyle105 /

    see now I have been looking for someone to do this in the past few months and I finnaly found YOU! thisis not the quest I need help with but I kow u have it ty ty

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