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High Crits Feral PVP Movie: Faceroll, (Wrath of the lich king)

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Battleground, crit and faceroll oriented. My fifth World of Warcraft movie about PvP. This one is not too serious since it quite much focuses on killing targets fast with high crits. Footage is from patch 3.2.2 so there is instant cyclones, instant heals and other instant stuff present. I hope you like it, rate and comment please. Link for UI: Download link for alternate version(dance music): This on WarcraftMovies(diffrent version): Armory link(changed faction&server): Spec in this movie:


  1. guglielmocanzio /

    Do you remember how much FAP you had at the time?

  2. Yjanahelpmepls /

    megalol @ the aoe part !
    fu blizzard ;D

  3. Failtardz /

    What’s the first song?! I love the nintendocore in it 🙂

  4. Nukulol /

    great video, great opening, but can call anybody the main song title ? ty

  5. sailspl /

    whats the name of addon that makes such nice health frames above enemies?

  6. srxxrs /

    @MocniZgb I do 🙂 and its their fucking fault if they wanna do Bgs in pve gear 🙂
    dont pretend like you dont love the burst of mega crits you get facing pve tards

  7. Sint66 /

    @Ndriukas19 some are lower gear, some are similar gear. Its not the point of movie thou, gear should not really matter. This is movie over year old so now damage would be lot higher if i would redo the movie.

  8. Ndriukas19 /

    but he is killink players with low gs and low hp … =/ not so funny same like 80lvl vs 70

  9. Lardraa /

    Awesome! Addons name please:=(

  10. Zarnix112 /

    @ProPkerTheWar i think only normal ppl? who the hell can listen to a repeating drum rythm, taking 30 mins long, without anything, then after 60 mins a bass starts doin’ a single note in the entire song, then another 60 mins of drums… how can ppl dance on that? this is normal music -_-;

  11. ProPkerTheWar /

    what an awful song downrate ffs , wich ppl are listning like trash music like this fml

  12. Bleilock1 /

    hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha cat swipe ftw :DDD

  13. roflaattori /

    Awesome work dude!

  14. Kattl07 /

    @Sint66 Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Alliance for the win!! But you play in the same pool like my Horde Hunter. It’s a pitty we can’t play together, I play on a German server. :'(

  15. patriciahbocpi /

    nice clip. have some of you guys checked out the wow cheats pack at warcraftbotsXinfo (replace X with .) ? it is incredible, i recently down loaded it. it’s got totally everything inside it, gold guides, bots, hacks, glitches as well as the new arena glitch. i perhaps shouldn’t tell folks about this but at the very least it gives you all a fair chance to obtain it before i pwn you all

  16. Zarnix112 /

    @MiniMikeFTW i can get 12k healing touch, depends on talents and gear…

  17. BlizzardProduct /

    Awesome :O

  18. taucarlos1 /

    @Sint66 Yay! welcome to the horde Synomi!

  19. Sint66 /

    @taucarlos1 Thx, I changed server and faction after this movie so I updated them now. I keep changing specs quite often to play on different ladders so might be that I am not using the spec what i used on this movie at the time you check the armory.

  20. taucarlos1 /

    Hi, great video! I tried the link to your armory but it doesn’t show you, in fact I can’t find you though I would really like to see your talent spec! Keep representing us feral’s! (even though your ally I can deal) :p

  21. Sint66 /

    @MocniZgb sometimes, depends on mood. sometimes pwning pvp geared peps feels better

  22. MocniZgb /

    Do u feal good on pwning pve geard ppl?

  23. Flyisadream /

    3 enemies==> 0 enemies FUCKING great xD

  24. MiniMikeFTW /

    at 1:22 how the hell did u get a 9k healing touch? please teach me

  25. davidpawnit /

    @JoshuaSMP24962 you post that shit on youtube then tell everyone in the world not to tell too many people?are you a fucking retard?

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