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Francis Gets His Warcraft Account Back – Watches Death of the Lich King

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Francis gets his account back, then watches the death of the lich king final video. Watch the lich king death vid:


  1. Toletanus /



    Well okay then Snorlax!

  3. Teheleri /


  4. DeathXangeL123X /

    Man if I ever make a game I would want such a fan 🙂

  5. Joeyisthemaster4 /

    im sorry but this IS the stereotype of a wow player xD

  6. Grandpa4SkN /

    your the fucking man francis

  7. trueblue1634 /

    cccchhhhhhhhh be quiet….

  8. foamy111111 /

    dose anyone else think he sounds like mort from family guy? or is it just me? lol

  9. bcftw /

    @burbidgestephen :O

  10. cren567 /

    lol this was uploaded on my birthday 😀

  11. starwarsnerdreviewer /

    YAY! congrats man!

  12. Norlo019 /

    omg this guy is acting like a child rly u are crying in for a game omg go outside u never gonna be like the girl on the poster behind u

  13. MrSatansDemon /

    @boogie2988 hey check this out. I played WoW for 5 years. I got Way Over weight. Then when i got hacked i was upset yeah. But then i started to GO OUTSIDE! Now im 150 lbs of pure muscle! Dude you really need to get out no offense but you should get hacked again so you can get back on your game.

  14. adamanski9999 /


  15. nickkabuletmior /

    How a lucky… So you can continue to masturbate…

  16. craznnvasion /

    good thing he got his account back because i bet if he didnt he would have gotten a heart attack

  17. deanmatthews86 /

    YOU BE TROLLIN!!!!!!

  18. vVindz500 /

    well, this was hard to masturbate to.

  19. gun1t123wannabe1 /

    is it me or is this the scariest thing eve ri pissed my pants on his hacked video!!!!

  20. burbidgestephen /

    @bcftw He’s an actor.

  21. joba312 /

    I still wonder why he got no girlfriend:I The world sure is a strange place.

  22. ProjaFilms /

    who raised this moron

  23. crisu990 /

    Getting back that account is the worst thing that ever happened to you … :>

  24. AlexSTALKED /

    @stacker911 Yeah he is.

  25. bcftw /

    what a fat stupid, fucked in the head cunt, get a fucking life now!!! fat fucking virgin

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