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DWMM Presents: Inside WotLK 6 (WoW Machinima)

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“A look into the new World of Warcraft expansion Wrath of the Lich King with Dave, of “Dude, Where’s my Mount?”! Talk a tour through the spider kingdom of Azjol-Nerub, with some sightseeing, a quick run-down of the bosses, and – oh yeah- ZOMBIE SPIDERS!!! Visit for forums, merchandise and more info about the show!


  1. RepublicCommando2111 /

    what is that song called ?

  2. bookworm1138 /


  3. hejalll /

    What the? My 60 twink mage’s Arcane Blast damage just as much as your Shadow Bolt :O

  4. harleyshookah /

    @Swordeath7 he helped arthas get to icecrown to become thel ich king tho so he is i guess neutral with the scourge

  5. poopsteration /

    Vilon is to loud

  6. warchaser30 /

    Well dave u happy now as Anub’Arak is a 74 dungeon boss AND a 80 raid boss in Totc?
    Because i am ^^

  7. lancslad2009 /

    lol thats the dungon i most h8

  8. oldsanta1023 /

    ya now im douin it in heroic but it might
    easier now

  9. Whithbrin355 /

    i remember the first time i ran azol nerub i failed because the healer purposly walked under a falling rock….. lol apparently for fun..

  10. Xivix427 /

    Azjol-Nerub is alright to me, it’s just that sometimes, things can get “bugged” there and I wipe every time me and my group encounter Anub’Arak.

  11. WoWRiful /

    The first time I did that instance, I was running from some mobs with the healer, she jumped down that really long fall to get away, I followed her and started freaking out like crazy because I thought I was gonna die from the fall, but then I fell in the water. Rofl. I hate that instance.

  12. tonos14 /

    where did Phil go?????

  13. somany1234 /

    Make TONS of WoW Gold & Level Fast!


    see you there!

  14. somany1234 /

    Make TONS of WoW Gold & Level Fast!


    see you there!

  15. BighitOwnsCoD4 /

    IMO normal WoW without any expansions should be free.
    with BC and WotLK should be the current price. obveously you should pay for the initial game just not monthly for pre-BC.

  16. chrismusic13 /

    turn the fucking music down

  17. Araax666 /

    yea whats with the thumb down 🙁

  18. AFreakingDumbaccount /

    Need. This. Expansion. Now.
    I still think death knights are too cliche for Roleplay, and they are ridiculouse alltogether, but the instances are fking awesome 😛

  19. AFreakingDumbaccount /

    1 is it a roleplay server, and two, whats with the thumbdown?

  20. Araax666 /

    Your Cool dave
    i want wow to be free but for now im playing private server

  21. lolfunny69 /

    this is a easy instance on normal and the 1st two bosses on heroic but the last boss oin heroic can be a pain

  22. greeny693 /

    lol thats my realms name azjol-nerub

  23. melonmasta /

    im gonna play on a private server cant wait!

  24. Swordeath7 /

    Anub’arak never liked the scourge… I always thought he’d be holding back in a battle like this.

  25. shwamer27 /

    stop asking on every damn video no one knows

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