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Adept Lich King Kill Video (arthas)

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we killed 25m lich king last night, heres a vid of some of the fight US 4th kill


  1. LoRdMrGa /

    this video EPIC!

  2. arcticsquirrelmonkey /

    “fuck me this is epic”

  3. akatsuki0nimato /

    @ramirogalletti I don’t know the first but the second is GEE, by girls generation

  4. akatsuki0nimato /

    and bro… i don’t know how do you call them in US but here are called Addons, i would like if you tell me what addons you are using in this video, can you?

  5. ramirogalletti /

    I want the name of ALL these songs

  6. MrTorgetor /

    music suck ;o)

  7. UazbinWoWed /

    This fight is trully EPIC. and not just miss use of the word EPIC.

  8. chosenvip /

    @2012peradoxx you’re fucking gay…

  9. dylanraffick /

    if i reach up to lvl 85 and kill arthas

  10. dylanraffick /

    yay arthas is killed

  11. Valicutz89 /

    please tell me your armor and your dmg

  12. GamerBurak /

    @RpgdUd3 ohh thx I’ve probably overlooked 😛

  13. RpgdUd3 /

    @GamerBurak Girl’s Generation – Gee
    haiku was singing it in the beginning of kilnda 8 p2

  14. GamerBurak /

    wtf is the song name of the fuucking japnass song??

  15. CederieFlood /

    Father is it over, No son the rain unlocks next Tuesday.

  16. 2012peradoxx /

    L0L the song at 3:10 is so fucking gay.

  17. thaknowledgeful /

    1337 = leet, his point 🙂

  18. carlson135 /

    @BoJengles1234 i think thats a deep wounds hit

  19. BoJengles1234 /

    0:56 he does 1337 damage

  20. Nightball12 /

    @TheCrazyjuniot Girls generation – Gee

  21. TheCrazyjuniot /

    what was the name of the asian song :P?

  22. Saphels /

    Arthas: Father…Is…it over?
    Terenas: No son, the raid…
    Arthas: STOP! I know the joke…

  23. Mythbustable /

    Some nerd was button mashing..Look at the fith slot lol

  24. Blazzzerz /

    @razercord Yea you copy text from XXXLJordy and then replace some words and now u think its funny?

  25. razercord /

    @Blazzzerz lolputurbraintowork

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