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  1. LifeInSwitch /

    a guide that tells you everything to do and what time to do it at…
    why not just let someone else play for you?

  2. YapooRD /

    worst shit ever

  3. Tutguyproductions /

    instead of Quest helper Carbonite works the trick. it is a customized map and you can level twice as fast as with quest helper. i think its sad that people need help leveling…

  4. Alexelaxa /

    wtf is with all these middle aged men?? stupid

  5. psphacker543 /

    Gay guide

  6. Franciscopryox /

    Heres my free guide:
    – Get 16+ slots bags.
    – Buy food & water.
    – Always level on zones in which mobs are usually under your own level.
    – Don’t loot unless for quest items.
    – Don’t die, bring health/mana potions.
    – Download quest helper.

  7. KhadgarKlimaxEU /

    just another person trying to sell their crappy little book

    some people have lives and dont have time to play 4 days staight

    play the game properly

  8. liltimmyspeashooter /

    if you need a guide to level on WoW you may be retarded.

  9. ZukurinoSama /

    you can just see how they read something on the screen..

  10. flygonpearl /

    quest helper is free, for 11 days thats good compared to something you have to pay for and only use it for 4 days on a toon.

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