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Paladin/Priest/Warrior vs. Druid/Mage/Warlock on Ruins of Lordaeron BG9

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  1. TheGhFan /

    1 dps and they let the pet die? bg9 oh noes!

  2. lol but the mage is a fucking newwwb

  3. skepticcc1 /

    lawl intervate lock

  4. WOTF?

  5. riptidesargh /

    @000Quinn000 your welcome 😀

  6. 000Quinn000 /

    @riptidesargh Thanks man I really enjoyed reading your replay. I also like being a baddie it makes me feel all warm and cuddly inside when i get beaten i can just blame the game and not my own skill. So thanks :).

  7. riptidesargh /

    @000Quinn000 god your a baddie… he doesnt have to spam life tap one life tap = 4k mana and he doesnt sacrifice 98.6% of his hp to do life tap BADDIE!!!

  8. asianman5456 /

    You should be nice to Xmo you ugly mother eff.

  9. ZacheryRossg /


  10. Arryx08 /

    It’s funny how people cry that they want Xmo back and yet they fail to remember his voice to not know that the priest is Xmo.

  11. lol “happy i killed the fucking mage”

  12. nexusis18 /

    @Taschianeutron The undead racial Will of the Forsaken now shares a 45 second cooldown with the trinket. So if you trinket or WotF you can’t use the other for 45 seconds. Got nerfed :

  13. Captainlols /

    LMFAO why are you playing dispel cleave i thought you were better than that bellig

  14. Johannes0702 /

    New youtube sux! Gief back the old one please!

  15. Taschianeutron /

    at 0:27 the lock trinketed, but there was only 45 sec cd?!

  16. Since when do Locks have Innervate!?

  17. Zannypants666 /

    @Npatriot95 At 1950 atm with furious set pieces, my partner plays nothing Ray does, makes me work my ass off.

  18. GrantSmith12345 /

    lol that lock got innervate rofl

  19. Npatriot95 /

    @Zannypants666 hpally is faceroll til like 2.2k..

  20. confortto /

    @000Quinn000 mage needs it way more then a lock 😛

  21. omer2007 /

    “I liked that part of the script”

  22. Belligerent23 /

    @MrSuperdelicous obviously

  23. MrSuperdelicous /

    yay 40 minute long cleave

  24. drakeiii44 /

    lmfao @ the lock innervate

  25. 000Quinn000 /

    @riptidesargh Druid had over 70% mana and the lock was oom made sense to have the lock not spam life tap because he was already getting hit.

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