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Paladin Warrior Mage vs. Rogue ShadowPriest RestoShaman

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    @Belligerent23 ah ty mate

  2. Belligerent23 /

    @SPETZZBRO Gladminish


    ey what’s that addon called which shows DR’s next to Gladius? Or is it part of gladius and I just have downs?

  4. TheTetanka /

    Dude please make it far in 3s in the TR I wanna see you in Blizzcon. These videos rock.

  5. wowpros89 /

    @TIAPlatinumX2k7 he has 2 paladinds

  6. fukurjojo /

    he got 2 holy pallys one horde one ally and both got glad…thats so pro

  7. TheSeltek /

    GL on Arena Tourney i wish the best of luck
    GO PALA 😀

  8. prophetslostme /

    what addons do you use? specifically the trinket alerter, the spec dtection thing, spellalerter, nameplates and all those spells next to your guy and on them? please respond!!!

  9. Captainlols /

    he vanished your hoj

  10. Sersh162 /

    TR = Tournament Realm. They are in fact alliance, but this is not their usual realm.

  11. RobertCharron /

    That’s me playing the shadowpriest. Played shadow once, not familiar with the comp. Not sure why you posted this, it was a horrible match.

  12. Madkingstow /

    Belligerent, I’m trying a hpally first time on TR, and I’m finding it very hard to keep my warrior alive against double caster teams. I usually have to pop my survival abilities very early, and even then I still cant heal him through their combined damage. Any suggestions?

  13. Zannypants666 /

    Belli has an alliance and horde live. TR is up, as he said. Afflicted 3 is the CD tracker addon.
    Hope to see you in some 3s games on the TR Belli 😮

  14. Rudenko3 /

    *BURP*…you will die…i lol

  15. Ggroflhax /

    lol, this video is nice.

  16. ChrispCrazY /

    the CC u see on the gladius, how do u get that to show ? is it an addon or is it alrdy in gladius?

  17. elcaboose /

    rofl i saw that guy imbadenglesh before

  18. dimitriuss /

    i thought u sed paly war mage was a shitty comp in a comment


    omg ty pally mage warrior stuff again hope u guys do well in the tournement

  20. BloodvorteX7 /

    What’s the addon for Cooldowns you have there

  21. Belligerent23 /

    @TIAPlatinumX2k7 tr

  22. TIAPlatinumX2k7 /

    hmm u all changed to ally? omfg wtf?

  23. TheEthug /

    woot respect for not putting up that double healer ZZZZ shit love the pally mage war vids

  24. DillyFreeman /

    on TR correct?

  25. Fizzletron /

    @tyron113493 it’s always a fun time.

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