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Paladin vs Death Knight: Unholy Justice

Paladin vs Death Knight: Unholy Justice

Random World of Warcraft Battles on the game cam!

Lv 65 DK runs by me and in my rage I duel him.. 5 Levels on me. Let’s see how it goes! Set to music, this game play is pretty cool.


  1. shankadelic007 /

    What was the text?

  2. Bolt892 /

    @skycontroler wow

  3. skycontroler /

    WAAAIT!! 1:04… since when dks can switch to defensive stance?!

  4. TwiSStaHh /

    wow, atleast play prot if youre gonna use a shield

  5. dj0903001 /


  6. bleachhollow14 /

    @OoLACOSTEoOLSD i am calm, was in different mood back then :p
    anyway i know he play for fun so no offence and enjoy the game. 😉


    @bleachhollow14 bitch relax u need to go outside and get some pussy boy. i know u are keyboardwarrior, and hero! but dude relax ))

  8. mashalcesar3 /

    yo what up with ypur nasty shoulder afrom scarlet and you using a 1hander and shield as ret your a pally you should have easly beat him at your level

  9. mailcall3 /

    lol this is horrible i stomp dks on my pallly

  10. bleachhollow14 /

    did that pally just use shield on retribution? O_o
    sucky gear, a SHIELD ON RETRIBUTION, and repentence at the begining geezus u sir need to learn how to play ur class

  11. dummiesaywhat /

    The death knight has way better gear than your shit gear and to me it me it looks like your wearing some cloth and you got shoulders from sm armory.

  12. Kathanis2068 /

    @MartinTheL33t I click and I do pretty well at PvP, not gonna say great cuz I’m not 80 yet but still pretty good.

  13. dragosh3003 /

    if you are a retribution you need a 2 handed weapon
    if you are a protection you need a sheild and a sword

  14. fiend01731 /

    wtf a ret pally w/ a shield and and a one hand sword???zzzz…

    u suck….

  15. BLARG51 /

    and if you have bin a long time clicker you are faster than any keybindings

  16. svenskabakugan /

    Who cares if you click?!? keybinds sucks so should i go to every video on youtube and say that keybinds sucks? NO so stop saying Clicker get a life or something like that!

  17. svenskabakugan /

    @MartinTheL33t Who cares if you click?

  18. wowittaja7 /

    Ret pally with a shield! O.O IT BURNS!!! but i dont see nothing bad on clicking…

  19. wowittaja7 /

    @BLARG51 agree,i use mouse too…

  20. WoWwizzz /

    @terrorlord15 ok dude take a chill pill! Even ppl make mistakes

  21. terrorlord15 /


  22. PoolPiers /

    lol, clicker -.-

  23. Stevancvejin /

    fail pala clicker

  24. MrManofdead /

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  25. momasboy339 /

    how did he get his spell bars on the side like that and also i would like a tip on how to level faster on wow

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