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Paladin EleShaman Warrior vs. Rogue Warlock Shaman on Ring of Valor

Check out my videos on.. Send questions to… Follow me on Twitter at.. http Intro Music… Stars – The First Five Times remix. Outro music by Epic Fail..


  1. whats your intro music

  2. jamjam1144 /

    psh ye ray go reroll ally

  3. Ggroflhax /

    @wosackslice it’s just for content, retard.

  4. werfert55 /

    @HeyLookItsJake3 That, my friend, is very true.

  5. HeyLookItsJake3 /

    @werfert55 ik im just saying. his videos just arent the same without him.

  6. wosackslice /

    grats again on beating a 2300 rls. /clap

  7. pazdee89 /

    Hey Belli, could you ever post a win or loss vs a good RPS in both of ur paladins comps? thanks if you do so =)

  8. sprinktwink /

    ray plays with his horde paladin. i dont no what these people dont understand

  9. ganzabatemt /

    its just sad that u stopped streaming Belleigerent….sad sad sad…

  10. popcorn32145 /

    @Hanufan i think its fine, just always wonder why its super loud

  11. Vordoc00 /


  12. magesforeva /


  13. werfert55 /

    @HeyLookItsJake3 He hasn’t stopped with Ray, it’s just this is his Ally Paladin, and not Horde.


  15. Hanufan /

    I dont like your intro or outro music. Anyone else feel the same way?

  16. MuppetSexShow /

    whats that song u use at the startttt

  17. Fueledbytree /


  18. I’d love to seem some really random set ups keep up the good work

  19. SoAdKId /

    @HeyLookItsJake3 true dat…..i miss his catch phrases.

  20. linkenx /

    Nice! 🙂

  21. lalabirdy323 /

    What addon do you use to watch DR’s and ur Groups CDS


    Nice job man. Quality videos and awareness of what’s going on in arena. it takes some real concentration and communication to do what your doing. Keep it up…

  23. HeyLookItsJake3 /

    its just not the same without ray 🙁

  24. l3mm1w1nk5 /

    @saltywaffles First! my comment is under yours that means im first.

  25. On3Sound /

    @Bobbyhasskillz his vids are on skill capped

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