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In Desolace, the skulls of ancient kodo beasts stare soullessly from their graves, halfway buried in dust. The husks of long-dead trees jutting in gruesome angles from the gray ash are the only twisted remains of a verdant past.

This dour setting is violently jarred by the thunder of thousands of hooves and the clamor of armor and weaponry as the four tribes of vicious centaur wage war on all who enter their domains, including one another. Desolace is the home of the centaur. It was among the twisting cliffs of the western canyons that their race was born from the foul womb of Maraudon.

Proud, but sorrowful ruins of stone attest to the one-time glory of the Highborne night elves. Blasted in the depths of time by the shock waves of the Great Sundering, the ruins are inhabited now by all manner of foul creatures.

Desolace today is a battleground for many of the opposing factions represented here. Apart from the tension between the Horde and the Alliance, at Shadowprey Village and Nijel’s Point respectively, the Kolkar, the Gelkis, the Magram, and the Maraudine centaurs fight as much against each other as they do against the orcs and the humans. In the meantime, the demons and satyrs summoned by the Burning Blade increase the risk of a region-wide demonic infestation and present a major challenge for both the Horde and the Alliance. The naga presence to the northwest is also rapidly becoming a source of concern.

Desolace: Home of the Centaur

Legends claim that the centaur are descendants of a dark union between one of the demigod Cenarius’s sons and a princess of the chaotic earth elementals. When the first khans were born of their union, it is said that they murdered their father, for shame of their misshapen appearance. They were born filled with rage and savagery and have not calmed in the centuries that followed.

The first of their kind, the first khans, gave rise to the five tribes of the centaur. The race swept across Desolace and soon became legendary for its brutality. The diligent night elves held them in check for ages until the Burning Legion rained its destruction upon the world. The night elves left the centaur out of necessity for their own survival during the wars, allowing the twisted race to assume control of Desolace.

Though fortunate enough not to be scorched into oblivion in the demon wars, Desolace was savaged nonetheless due to the centaur’s ceaseless aggression. No longer threatened by night elves, the tribes plagued other plains races – chiefly, the peaceful tauren. This struggle endured for generations until recently, when the tauren were at last driven from Desolace.

The centaur were never content with controlling just Desolace and have followed their tribal khans in a series of clashes with other races throughout southern and central Kalimdor.

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