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Zygors Wow Horde Leveling Guide – Zygor Reveals His Secrets in Game – Sneak Peek – Video 2 Watch the 2nd video on Zygor Reveals his secrets in game – Sneak Peek Zygors Wow Horde Leveling Guide – The Nr.1 Best Selling Alliance and Horde Leveling Guides Get You To Level 80 In Under 7 Days Using Our 100% In-Game Leveling Guides **Includes 70-80 — Patch 3.0.8 Compatible**


  1. Mackatax /

    Did you notice he never leveled, Not one single level in this super fast leveling system. LOL………..

  2. minniebcrloq /

    great clip. have some of you people saw the wow cheats pack on warcraftbotsXinfo (replace X with .) ? it’s astounding, i just down loaded it. it’s got completely every thing in it, gold guides, bots, hacks, glitches and even the newest arena glitch. i probably should not tell people about this however at least this offers you all a fair opportunity to obtain it before i own all of you!

  3. tehmittens /

    @Slure123 yours is wrong then, i have 2 level 80s, no grinding on either of them

  4. FreeZygorGuide /

    FREE Zygor Guide Ingame leveling + bonus [ 3.3.5 ] @

  5. SpEtNeZz /

    my video shows you how to get these guides for free

  6. tranquilisolati /

    I found a copy of Zygor’s in-game WoW guide at videogamestrategyguides (.) net

  7. Slure123 /

    This guide has asked me to grind all the way from 21 to level 26. wtf?

  8. Croky92 /

    update for 3.3.3 plss

  9. delleriumtremens /

    i just tryed zygor guide…its the best guide i ever used(ive used alot guide,i know what iam talking about) i reccomend it for all

  10. mafiawarboy /

    New Zygor Guide 2.0 was release and now you guys can download zygor guide for free don’t need to pay $97.00 for the program come and check it out in my channel to get Zygor guide for free

  11. Alienware173H /


  12. residentemoz /

    is Zygor a person playing on a server? or is he the name of the guide?

  13. TheEpiph0neBassist /

    zygors guide sucks..too boring same thing over and over and over and its not quick, ive tried it..waste of time

  14. AdrianWoodward71 /

    CONT from above

    I have tried installing a zip file from the blizzard website that is supposed to be a mac client, but it only opened an install shield when unpacked , with option to Play WOW , no install button and it did not run anyway!!

    Starting wish I kept my money, already lvl 19 on my own, it’s a shame because it looked a good product but support seems limited?

  15. AdrianWoodward71 /

    CONT above

    If I copy the 17 Add nos into the WOW trail interface/add Add ons folder I get a some boxes in the left corner saying add ons, I check everything including old Adds Ons and uncheck professions.Open WOW from trail as other icon in full client is windows and discussed and game loads ok, with guide open, however as soon as I click on a quest it crashes out of WOW and a log is created to send to Blizzard.

    Zygor member hs stated that WOW trial is not supported, although this may be guff

  16. AdrianWoodward71 /

    CONT from ABOVE.

    Folder structure on mac looks like this:-

    WOW Trial/interface add ons

    WOW full client/data/engb/interface/ (no add ons) only cinematics.

    if I run the WOW app from the full client folder it say architecture not supported, so I believe this folder is windows only data, zygor forum members disagree and on staff member just keeps advising creating an add ons folder manually and logging in and out???

    Cont Below

  17. AdrianWoodward71 /

    Looking for savvey WOW MAC USERS.

    Bought this guide 3 or 4 days ago and still can not get it to work on my mac?

    Guy from zygor forum staff just keep say login to your account and back out and floders will create, they don’t.

    I was running on a trial version of WOW and then upgraded to full active account. I have downloaded further WOW client which seems to contain windows files. Problem is I;m not sure what correct folder structure looks like??? Continue on next post…

  18. 0Koruzang0 /

    I thought it was a book?!Anyways how do you use it like do you download or what

  19. Madnessssssssssss /

    you know whats really funny bro XD is that it takes the leveling compenys like 18 days to do you account 1-80 and we can do it in 7 with this! -highfive!!-

  20. Leetness213 /


    WoW Gold and Leveling Cheats, Guides, and More!


    Go go go hurry quick!

  21. yxialing /

    check the nice vedio belrion88, it’s cool

  22. hudanli /

    wow, so fast leveling, check out belrion88 and clip too, soooo cool!

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