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WoW Mage Leveling Part 1 The Best Mage Leveling Guide


  1. haha yes you are a mana waister and nice video

  2. You must be AIDS sick motherfucker.

  3. Wakavidmasta /

    Good vid i used to be frost but i discovered fire pwns in pvp u just pyro their ass and they die they come to u frost nova either fireball our pyro oh in pvp i ALWAYS use arcane sheild thing

  4. was i was watchign was not a bad mage that was a bad player… mana sheld in the fights u had was just silly…

  5. pazvanty /

    i liked it.. i just started a mage of my own this week. almost 20 now. i think i’ll video it just for keepsake reasons too

  6. gvido112 /

    bet u are gay

  7. BrandonTheRemix /

    Nice man, was cool to watch

  8. GoldForFree /

    He must be fat cuz he have breathing struggling

  9. dude im from dunemaul!

  10. Checkersonback /

    ill own anyone that wants to pvp im my char is stickyfist -frostwolf aly

  11. tanhueco824 /

    nope not trying to look cool i just love to pvp its my thing i love challenges im trying to get those pvp armor in org in halls of legend by doing some wsg arathi basin and other battlegrounds

  12. ThePanicSong /

    of course you can dumb Ass. rogues over power mages. i bet you think you are cool =p

  13. izskilzix /

    is ur server darrowmere?

  14. tanhueco824 /

    bet i can own u with my 36 rogue

  15. wowluke1 /

    Hi, great vids, keep them up. and btw theres nothing wrong with your voice! =)

  16. 29071996446 /

    I played 5 days abour 3hours per day and I m 32 :S

  17. SCARFACK1 /

    do him to frost mage man !

    i think u are in lvl 80 now ;D

  18. SCARFACK1 /

    this is wow mage ! =)

    we all here love mage !
    or what ?
    if u dont u take down =(
    if u are agree u take up =)

  19. SCARFACK1 /

    yes , mage is the best ;D

    have a mage in lvl 19 now have only played 2 days whit him ;D

    did u use 2 weeks ?+????
    to com on lvl 33 ?

    NICE ;P

  20. superkid5247 /

    mages are the best in WoW 🙂

  21. dabitko /

    Mage is the best in world of warcraft. =)

  22. i love how shit ppl plan to get over 2000 bracket, but when they get there they cant make it over 1400, scrubs.

  23. cman18000 /

    its an addon..forgot the name tho

  24. Taxi2101 /

    why arent you wearing a mana shield… i’d always wear that if i was questing…

  25. younginitials /

    did he say it was his read desc it says best guide maybe it helped him u idiots

  26. Thank you so much beautiful site admin.

  27. I pretty much had really benefited from useful information, thank you

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