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New WoW 4.0.6 Hack: Teleport

New WoW 4.0.6 Hack: Teleport


Download link:
Credits BlueHookLib – DeepBlueSea / Neotracer / uall mmowned for the nice stuff Ende! (IceFire32), Unkn0wn0x Threk WoWX2010 – Stole some nice function names Application Icon mmowned version: Presto-X @ The ‘other’ version: .krähe


  1. ericIIhelge /


  2. xXoVeRdOiNgITXx /

    Bartt7rus doesnt work on private servers.

  3. jamalama4ever /

    @mortamort456 Yes ofc it is, check out The ExploitHUnters on youtube 🙂

  4. mortamort456 /

    @jamalama4ever how did you do that ? is it possible ?

  5. sindingjensen /

    i cant find the link please make a new one

  6. Bojangle4bit /

    Nah, he’s not banned yet.

    He has activity as of yesterday on his WoW Armory page.

    Dillon of Haomarush-EU.

    You would have probably been fine if it wasn’t for your guildmate. Weird how there are only two of them, both on EU (none on US) and they’re both DKs lol

  7. CaptainMack16 /

    @superoen if you just knew how easy it is to cheat on public servers.

  8. superoen /

    You probaly got banned for this didndt you?:)

  9. jamalama4ever /

    I tried the GM_Console Hack on a trial and that were cool 🙂

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