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Video Review of Gold Secrets Guide

Video Review of Gold Secrets Guide

367 World of Warcraft Gold Mining Secrets.

The defacto standard bible for mining gold in World of Warcraft, no other book comes close. Check out this video review.

Make up to 500 gold per hour. Comes with 7 other bonus items such as auctioneering secrets, fishing guide, etc.

Below is a list of just some of the gold mining secrets included in this huge world of warcraft gold secrets guide.
Rare Pet Dealer
Dancing Flute Playing the Market Blues & Purples Fiery Enchant and Quest Rewards
Rare Recipes
Cash Gathering
Quest Items
Silithus Armor Sets
Nerfed Items
First Aid & Fishing Disenchanted
Gold Guard Those Stones Devilsaurs
Elemental Invasion Bandage for Cash
Tree Farming
Take me Fishing
High-end Grinding
Tour Guide
Deviate Fishing
Favorite Mining Spots
Eye of Shadow
Buy in Bulk and many more

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    Free game cards, the only place i know that is giving them is freewowgametime (dot) com

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